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  • Laxogenin/Laxacrine (5a-hydroxy-laxogenin)

    What is it?

    Laxogenin is a PLANT BASED pro-hormone, yes you read that right. It has been around since the early 90s but is recently gaining more popularity due to the Designer Anabolic Steroid Control Act of 2014 which took most of our beloved pro-hormones away from us. Since it is completely derived from plants, it managed to avoid the ban (for now) and has been FDA approved for human consumption.

    Don’t think though that just because it is ‘natural’ and extracted from plants that it is just another ‘muscle building’ supplement that does nothing but burn a hole through your wallet.

    The muscle building and fat burning effects of Laxogenin have been quite remarkable considering its origins. Of course it isn’t as potent as synthetic pro-hormones and other steroids, if it was, it would be banned by now but its effects are still quite significant with very little in terms of side effects.

    What can I expect from Laxogenin?

    A lot of the research has compared Laxogenin to the steroid, Anavar, due to its anabolic:androgenic ratio. However, it is definitely not as potent as Anavar, although it does provide similar results but in smaller quantities.

    Users have reported strength increases in as little as 7 days and mass gains starting from the third week of its use. Muscle gains of up to 8 pounds have been reported in 6 week cycles.
    It is also known to improve fat loss as well as inhibiting the response of cortisol during periods of low calorie consumption, effectively preserving muscle mass.

    Side effects

    As with everything, side effects are dose dependent. Laxogenin has shown very few side-effects within the recommended dosage. It is not liver toxic and does not have a significant impact on blood pressure and lipid levels, neither does it have the potential to convert in to estrogen or shut down your natural production, therefore, it does not require a PCT, although I do recommend following up your cycle with a cycle of a natural test booster such as, Test Infusion.

    Of course, it is always wise to take a cycle support supplement just to cover all your bases and if you are one of the unlucky few who are prone to estrogen related issues (such as gyno) then keep an anti-estrogen on hand, such as Forma Stanzol, just in case.

    Dosage/Cycle Length

    For first-time users, Laxogenin can be taken for 6-8 weeks at 100-200mg daily.
    More advanced users can go up to 300mg daily for a period of 10 weeks.

    As it has very few side effects, Laxogenin can also be stacked with other pro-hormones and/or a test base for an advanced muscle building or fat loss cycle. If you chose to stack, make sure that you run a cycle support and a proper PCT protocol accordingly.

    Where can I find Laxogenin?

    Lucky for you, the store carries a potent, topical form of Laxogenin, called Laxacrine.

    Being a topical, the absorption rate is much higher compared to its oral version and is very easy and convenient to apply.

    Cycle responsibly!
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