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  • Benefits of Arginine for Fertility

    Arginine is an amino acid that is very often taken as a supplement for muscle recovery and muscle strength. But, it is also used heavily in couples that are facing fertility issues. The body is able to manufacture it’s own arginine but increasing your dietary intake or supplementing ensures that you are receiving enough of this very important amino acid.

    Good dietary sources of arginine include lentils, kidney beans, soybeans and nuts. Some other great sources that are well known for high content of arginine are meats, dairy products and egg yolks.

    Arginine is a popular supplement for couples having trouble getting pregnant or those trying to optimize their fertility. It can improve reproductive health in both men and women.

    Below are some reasons why it can improve fertility.

    Increases Nitric Oxide Levels

    Arginine is used by the body to form nitric oxide. Some research studies have shown that nitric oxide levels help by acting as an anti-inflammatory modulator which can help to prevent fertility problems in the uterus such as PCOS and fibroids. Inflammation is a big contributing factor to fertility problems in many couples.

    Healthy Sperm Production

    Some research studies have found that taking arginine supplementation daily has actually increased sperm production in men. It tooks about 6-8 weeks after supplementation for the affect to become apparent but there was an increase in sperm production. It has also shown benefits in improving sperm motility and improving the quality of the sperm.

    Increased Blood Circulation

    Arginine can help to improve blood circulation which helps to ensure proper reproductive health as it is very important to have good blood circulation to the ovaries to allow for optimum egg production. Also, by creating improved blood flow to the uterus it creates an optimal environment for the implantation process and fertilization of the egg.

    Optimal Cervical Mucous

    The increased blood flow also helps to support the production of cervical mucous. Problems with mucous production contributes to many fertility problems and arginine has been shown to support better production of the cervical mucous via better blood flow.

    Arginine is a great supplement whether you are looking to help improve muscle recovery and strength or are looking to optimize your fertility chances. Arginine is a great addition to your overall health whether it involves exercise or fertility.
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