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  • 6 Ways to Become a Faster Runner

    You’ve started running, you enjoy the exercise, and now you are starting to get curious about how some of these people around you are getting so speedy. Getting faster isn’t something that is going to happen overnight, but if you are diligent about it you can get faster. Here are a few keys to getting yourself on the way to being a faster runner.

    Be Consistent

    If you are only running when you “feel like it”, then you probably aren’t going to see the results that you want. Consistency is not only a key in getting faster, but for most all forms of exercise. If you want to improve then you have to be consistent.

    Do the Work

    If you want to get faster, then you have to run faster. I know it’s not rocket science but to get faster running speed workouts and tempo runs are almost always a must. You do not want to do these every day but twice a week will go a long way when you are looking to improve.

    Keep EASY Days

    Most people assume if you want to go faster than you need run fast all the time. Not only is this untrue but it will lead you to injury pretty quickly. Run your hard workouts, and then keep the rest of the workouts easy. You can also throw in a day of “moderate effort” running but easy days are essential to keep yourself healthy and recovering properly.

    Set a Goal

    The goal to “become faster” is a great one, but to help really push you sometimes it’s nice to have a goal. Sign up for a 5k or 10k. If you don’t want to sign up for a race, have a “time trial” where you run a race yourself at a certain time (say 1-2 months from now) and set your goal time. Seeing the improvement can be extremely motivating.

    Keep a Positive Attitude

    Speed workouts are HARD. The truth is you probably aren’t going to hit every single one either. These workouts are going to be difficult so going on with a positive attitude and putting your best effort forward is important to have success.

    Track Your Progress

    Track your training online or in a journal. It can be motivating to look back at your progress and also a great reminder of the workouts you have accomplished. It also keeps you motivate by making sure to always record it and if you skip a workout that must be recorded as well.

    It’s important when focusing on running to still make strength training and stretching a part of your routine. These are all important to making you a stronger and faster runner.
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