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  • 5 Race Week Tips for a Successful Performance

    On Monday many runners will line up to take part of a historic race: The Boston Marathon. It’s a race that many will work for a long time to get to and one that many work towards every day. Most people focus on proper nutrition the day or two before a race, but race week itself is very important to make sure you are taking proper precautions. Here are some tips to help ensure you are at your best for race day.

    Eat Right

    The week before is important for setting the tone for your race. You don’t want to go to the start line and feel sluggish and overweight. While proper nutrition is important throughout training, it is especially important the week before. Get your body cleaned out and ready to go.

    Cut the Fiber

    Stomach issues can be a horrible thing in the middle of a race. As someone who has always dealt with it, it is important to take certain steps the week of to ensure your stomach will stay intact throughout the race. The first step is cutting fiber the week. Limit your fiber intake. This doesn’t mean cut it all out but try to stay away from harsh fiber like salads.

    Don’t Carb Load TOO Soon

    Marathoners love to talk about the carb loading before the big race. The truth is, your body can’t use carbs you ate on Monday for a Saturday race. I like to load my body up with good protein and fewer carbs for the first several days of the week, putting my body in somewhat of a depletion of carbohydrates. A few days before the race I begin bringing in carbohydrates slowly, peaking the day prior. You will be amazed at how well you feel on race day.

    Don’t do Anything New

    You don’t want to work for months and then pull a muscle or injure yourself. Stick to the basics the week before your race and don’t add in anything your body isn’t used too. This also goes with strength work. Even though it is important to fit into your training, the week before isn’t time to up it in fact I usually cutback. You want to put yourself in the best position to avoid any pesky injury.


    Hydration throughout the week is vital to good performance. Dehydration can be very taxing and harmful to your body, so don’t think it’s just important for the race itself. Keep yourself hydrated and avoid excess sugary drinks. Water is your friend.

    Even though race day can be nerve racking, it can also be a lot of fun! Put yourself in the best position to have a great performance and have FUN!
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