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  • How to Successfuly Return to Running After an Injury

    If you are someone who works out regularly, runs regularly, or even lifts regularly then chances are over time you are going to experience and injury. Some injuries require more recovery than others, and some will require complete rest. Yes, it will dive you insane but properly recovery is essential to coming back. The time that most people, especially runners, get themselves in the most trouble is when they are in just starting back their activity. People get too excited and forget that your body needs time to regroup.

    Start Slow

    Many injuries will require you to take off time, so it should be obvious that when you start running again you can’t come back guns blazing. Yet, some people always learn this lesson the hard way. Start slow as if you are just beginning to run. Break your runs up into shorter segments. For example, run for 2 minutes, walk for 2 minutes. As you get further into your recovery you can increase the amount of time you run and decrease the time you walk. You want your body to be able to adjust to running again.

    Keep Cross Training

    For most runners, cross training means they are injured. Even though they all know how important it is, it usually gets put on the back burner when they are healthy and running. However; not only is it important to do while running it is also important to continue cross training while on the recovery path. Don’t run every single day, mix it up with cross training to help take some of the pounding off your legs and work other muscle groups.

    Don’t Look at Pace

    The first several runs (maybe even several weeks of runs) are going to feel hard. Depending on the level you were at prior to injury, this can be extremely frustrating. For the first several weeks do not even look at your pace. Just go out to get your body used to the running motion. Don’t push too hard and keep yourself at a conversational pace.

    You Can Get it Back

    Most of assume that once we are injured and aren’t running for weeks, that we automatically lost all of our fitness. Most of the time, this isn’t true. Even though it will feel very difficult in the beginning you will be surprised just how quickly you can get it back with consistent work and focusing on the little things.

    Strength Train

    There are so many great things that strength training can do for runners, including reducing your risk of injury. Strength training can sometimes be done during your off period in injury, but should also be included during your recovery and slow progress back to running. This will pay off for you largely in the future.

    Getting back into running after an injury can be difficult, but with a positive outlook and easing back into you can come back even stronger!
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