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  • How to Safely Running During Hot Summer Months

    Running in the heat can be a tricky thing. Its summer, so who really wants to be stuck running on a treadmill? During the beautiful sunny days you want to simply go out and explore. While it’s wonderful to run outside during the summer months it can bring extra dangers. It is very important that you are more aware of your body and how it is responding to the heat (and humidity). Here are some important reminders for summer running.

    Don’t Skip the Water

    You may be able to head out in the spring and fall and leave your water bottle at home, but when the heat and humidity kick in it is a whole different story. Take water with your, or stash it along your course. As you feel yourself getting thirsty, drink. Remember, thirsty is a sign that you are already dehydrated so focus on staying hydrated before, during, and after your run.

    Pay Attention to Warning Signs

    It’s important to be aware of the warning signs of heat exhaustion and heat stroke. These are both very dangerous and should be taken seriously. Some warnings signs to be aware of include: goose bumps, chills, headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, confusion, headache, delirium, decreased muscle coordination, and diarrhea. Make sure you are paying attention to your body and listening to any warning signs.

    Adjust Your Pace

    The first several weeks your body is adjusting to the heat, it may be hard to keep the same paces you were before. Even after your body adjusts the heat and humidity it can cause your pace to slow down. If you are trying to train at certain paces realize you may have to adjust your training paces. It’s more important to make sure you are paying attention to effort versus hitting exact paces.

    Adjust Your Running Time

    Running at 2:00 in the afternoon probably isn’t the smartest idea when it’s the middle of summer. Sometimes in order to get in a good run you have to adjust your workout time. Go in the evening in the sun goes down or get up and get it done in the morning. Sometimes the treadmill is even a necessary evil but if it keeps you safe and feeling better its worth it!

    The heat can be a very serious and dangerous thing for runners. Make adjustments when you need be, make sure you are listening and taking care of your body, and look out for warning signs. Be aware and be prepared!
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    1. TX TERROR's Avatar
      TX TERROR -
      I leave for Ft Benning Georgia in August. As someone who trains for bodybuilding and usually about 280lbs of muscle, there is no safe way lol. This is going to be real real fun....

      I been running or trying to run daily while Im in DEP about a mile or two but living in Texas that heat and hummidity really messes your day up Getting there though. I find its always best to diet right for it and just stay hydrated.
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