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  • Essentials for Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

    A practical and nutritional guide to successfully kick zombie butt and save the human race.

    You’ve probably had your fill of zombies. The news reports, movie trailers, Facebook posts and pointless debates you always shake your head at. “Why do zombies moan and not talk? Can zombies run? Can zombies talk to each other? Why do they always form groups?” your pimply cousin with barista glasses may ask. Your response may be something to the effect of “Who the hell cares?! They aren’t even real!” But think about it.

    A science experiment goes wrong. The vaccine that was supposed to cure excessive arm pit sweat
    now causes people to turn into dazed corpses that feed on living human flesh. Which leads to a post-apocalyptic world where Twinkies are scarce (wait, isn’t that already happening?). I Am Legend sure made it look convincing. Whether you’re a raving fan of zombies or an indifferent citizen who just wants a good laugh (and to prepare just in case), read on.

    Water, Canned Goods + Pre-Workout Powder

    These mindless monsters will be roaming just about everywhere, including your local grocery store. Best keep some key nutrients on hand. Once your basement is packed with cases of water, canned goods, and your complete Rocky and Die Hard movie collection, stock up on these supplements:

    • Pre-Workout – Before leaving your secure fortress, be sure to power up on a pre-workout mix. Because, let’s face it, needing to scale the side of a building from the fifth floor to the roof or leaping from a fire escape onto a moving train isn’t easy. A pre-workout regimen provides increased stamina, enhanced focus and mental alertness. You’re going to need good clean energy to burn all day.
    • Flavor Mix – Just because you’re in the middle of an apocalypse doesn’t mean you have to consume tasteless nutrients. Add just on scoop of flavor mix with water to your unflavored protein powder, pre-workout, or post workout shake. One scoop eliminates bitter, chalky and dull taste of any supplement. It also serves as a weapon – simply throw a handful in an oncoming zombie’s eyes and book it!

    Running Shoes + ALCAR

    They’re called the walking dead for a reason. Zombies don’t exactly chase you at cheetah-like speed, but once a mouth-watering human is in sight, they have all the determination of a soccer mom power walking through her first half-marathon. In short, you’re going to get a hell of a cardio workout. Good athletic shoes are essential. The nutritional sidekick to a good pair of Nike’s is ALCAR (Acetyl L-Carnitine). This supplement helps your body to produce enough energy to outrun even the most famished of zombies. ALCAR also enhances heart, brain, and muscle function (as if these body parts weren’t already an attraction).

    Blunt Object + Creatine

    Think a shotgun is the best defense against hungry rotting corpses? Think again. Firing a gun at the height of a zombie invasion is like ringing King Kong’s dinner bell. It’s just not a good idea. What you need is an old-fashioned blunt-force-trauma-inducing object to deliver an up close and personal ass kicking. A hammer, a hatchet, a crowbar, or even a kettle bell can do the trick. And the best part? It’s much quieter than a gun and you don’t need to reload. Just make sure it’s something that can destroy the brain.

    With all that heavy lifting and hitting, you’re going to need to supplement with Creatine. You’ll not only reduce recovery time, but drastically increase muscle strength and power to do a little more ass-kicking to defend the human race.

    Sanitizing Wipes

    Zombies are gross. They drool, secrete fluids from open sores, and have goo pouring out of ALL body cavities. These ghouls are covered in bacteria plus the virus that turned them into zombies in the first place. It’s a common Zombie-destroying rookie mistake to not sanitize after the job is done. Apart from disinfecting wipes and a mini-Purell hanging from your keychain, you’ve got to beef up your immune system. There are plenty of options out there, with some offering more than just immune system support. Try ashwagandha, glutamine, green coffee bean extract, or SAMe capsules. You’ll be glad you did.

    When it comes to a zombie apocalypse, it’s survival of the fittest. So stay fit and strong with these and other Premium Powders products. May a blunt force object be with you!

    How will you survive a potential zombie apocalypse?
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    1. RickRock's Avatar
      RickRock -
    1. Mstiles87's Avatar
      Mstiles87 -
      Never forget machete it never runs out of bullets.
    1. about2ba's Avatar
      about2ba -
      This is Awesome!!!!
    1. Buddhabuilder's Avatar
      Buddhabuilder -
      Test boosters and water. Lots of water....
    1. Mstiles87's Avatar
      Mstiles87 -
      the zombie will seperate the men from the boys, when the men start munching down raw scoops of dry creatine mono before bashing in zombie heads
    1. Hunter's Avatar
      Hunter -
      Quote Originally Posted by Buddhabuilder View Post
      Test boosters and water. Lots of water....
      and a katana sword/strong machete, and a big ball of 550 chord, and a leatherman.... JO lube
    1. Frank.Dux's Avatar
      Frank.Dux -
      dont forget porno mags!
    1. Mstiles87's Avatar
      Mstiles87 -
      And your bcca powerchews for recovery.
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