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  • How to Get Yourself Out of an Exercise Rut

    Ever get in a funk? You’ve been going along so smoothly and then BOOM your motivation is gone, you don’t really feel like getting out of bed and getting to the gym, it’s become easier and easier for you to give into the foods you know you should be staying away from. Guess what? It’s normal. Even the most dedicated people go through phases which makes it really hard to stay focused and motivated. Here’s a few tips for helping to get you out of your funk.

    Set a New Goal

    We all have a main goal but sometimes we get so focused on something that we get lost in it. Try setting up a new goal to help change things up. Challenge yourself to reach beyond where you thought you could go. Starting something new, even if it is small, can be just enough of a challenge to get your motivation back.

    Change Up Your Routine

    Even if you don’t have a new goal, sometimes your routine can be getting stagnate. You may also start to notice you aren’t getting the same results that you once did. Try adding something new into your schedule or even something as small as changing the time of day you do your workout can help. Always go after work? Try getting up in the morning instead. Small changes can go a long way.

    Focus on Where You’ve Come From

    During the day to day work we often forget just how far we have come. We don’t see the results but going back even 2-3 months ago can remind us just how far we have come. Sit down and look back at where you started. Sometimes reminding yourself of where you’ve come from can help you push to keep those results going.

    Change Your View

    If your staring at the same gym every day chances are it is going to get old. Try switching up your workout to go outside, try a new gym, or even workout with a new group of people. Sometimes we put ourselves in the most boring situations and it’s no surprise that we tend to get bored. Changing your scenery can make all the difference.

    It’s not shameful to lose motivation. We all go through waves of up and down. Part of it comes from finding something you really love and always striving to push just a little bit harder.
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