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  • Can't sleep, clown will eat me...

    Problems getting and staying asleep are very common. It is even more common, when you are taking supplements packed with caffeine and guzzling energy drinks. Do to the excess stimulation, it is very difficult for your body to send its natural cues to the brain and tell it to chill out for a few hours. Racing thoughts, pounding heart beats, all of these things add up to making a good night’s rest next to impossible. Worst of all, your body needs sleep to recuperate, and as your sleep deficit increases you feel worse and worse.

    Let’s first talk briefly about the different stages of sleep. Of the 4 stages of sleep, the third stage and the 4th stage are the deepest, most restorative stages of sleep. During the 4th stage REM (rapid eye movement) sleep occurs. This is where you do most of your dreaming. It is important that you sleep deeply to get to these levels. Most people occasionally have a night where they “toss and turn” all night. You wake up tired and unrested because you never reached these deeper sleep levels.

    Most people have the misconception that they can get by on much less sleep than they really need. It has been studied repeatedly, and most adults need 7.5 hours of sleep minimum nightly. What happens if you only get 5 hours? Your sleep deficit accumulates. It doesn’t go away over time. Say you sleep for 5 hours a night for 3 days in a row. You have a sleep deficit of 7.5 hours. If you start sleeping 7.5 hours a night, your deficit will remain and your body will lag until you eliminate that deficit. This is why afternoon weekend naps are so prevalent. Your body is simply taking the opportunity to repay its sleep deficit.

    Sleep hygiene is imperative to sleeping easily. Your bed is for two things: sex and sleeping. Do not eat in it, do not do homework on it, do not watch TV while laying in it. Your body works off of cues, and laying in bed should either be a cue to get busy or go to sleep. If you do all of these other activities in bed, your body is less likely to send its chemical messengers to the brain to tell you to go to sleep. Why is sex okay, you might ask? When you orgasm, your body releases a wave of hormones that makes it much easier to fall asleep. That’s why after having sex, most men can easily just roll over and fall asleep within seconds. No time for small talk or cuddling, ladies. Next time you can’t fall asleep test this out yourself. If no lady friend is available, a little alone time never hurt anybody.

    The human sleep/wake cycle is known as the Circadian Rhythm. It is primarily regulated by the neurohormone melatonin. As melatonin increases you get drowsier, and as it decreases you progress towards wakefulness. The release of melatonin is directly triggered by the absence or presence of light. It is why we like to sleep at night. Disregulation of this cycle is why people who live for days without darkness (think Alaska, Guantanamo Bay, etc) tend to go a little crazy. Tryptophan is an amino acid found in high density in Turkey. It is one of the building blocks of Melatonin and is why besides blood diverting to your full stomach and away from your brain that Thanksgiving Day meals make you very, very sleepy. Not to mention the copious consumption of wine and beer.

    Melatonin is available both alone and in preparations with other compounds that aid in sleep and recovery. One of these is Premium Powders Sleep Aid, which I think is especially noteworthy because it contains both GABA and 5- HTP (Seratonin). GABA decreases anxiety, gives a sense of calm, and generally chills people out. Seratonin is known for increasing quality and duration of sleep, and generally making people more cheerful. Anti-depressants have their effect by increasing serotonin, and benzodiazepines, like Valium, have their effect by increasing GABA. This supplement has cut out the middle man so to speak. As with any other med, or supplement, it is important to discuss with your physician, before taking. Also, as with any sleep aid, it is possible for your body to become used to its effect’s and for it to become less effective over time. Sleep hygiene optimization is a more permanent solution, but supplements like this are more effective for situational sleep issues. Nevertheless, always remember that masturbation is first line treatment for a sleepless night.

    James W. Stephens, DO

    Try Premium Powders Sleep Aid

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    1. Mstiles87's Avatar
      Mstiles87 -
      very informative, i may have to look into getting that cause i never sleep well anyway
    1. Andreas Munzer's Avatar
      Andreas Munzer -
      I've been using this for awhile and so far am loving the results 15 to 30 mins and I'm asleep
    1. MidwestBeast's Avatar
      MidwestBeast -
      Can I just say that the title of this made me incredibly happy? I absolutely love that episode.
    1. RickRock's Avatar
      RickRock -
      Awesome thread
    1. weezer's Avatar
      weezer -
      Sleep come easy for me; i just think about the " talk" my boss give me everytime i'm late for work and i'm..........zzzzzzzz wait, did i fall asleep?

    1. justintid92's Avatar
      justintid92 -
      The title was well playd lol
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