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  • Tips for Getting Your Workout in While Traveling

    Let’s face it when you are on a strict workout routine sometimes things out of the ordinary (i.e. traveling) can sometimes throw us for a loop. We often don’t get many opportunities to go on vacation or travel throughout the year, but you also don’t want to fall off the wagon when it comes to your exercise. The good news, it doesn’t have to be that way! You can enjoy your travel plans and still get in your workout! Sometimes it just takes a little planning.

    Be Flexible

    Your workouts will happen, but they may not happen when you are used to it. This is especially important if you are traveling with others and there are plans that you need to work around. You may have to train in the morning or in the evening depending on your plans. Even if it is not the normal time. Try to plan out as best you can to help work around travel plans.

    Get it Done Early

    On the contrast, if you can get your workout done first thing. This is one thing that has helped me over the years when traveling because I’m able to get up and get my workout in before most others are even awake. I don’t interrupt plans and still have plenty of time to fit in what I need to.

    Explore the Area

    A fun thing about traveling is that you get to explore all new areas! I like to use travel time to find new gyms, new running routes, and explore the area in a whole new way. Don’t necessarily stay inside for the entire time, but get outside! If you have a cardio day, go find a local park or somewhere nice to enjoy the scenery around you.

    Plan Ahead

    I know sometimes planning can be a drag, but it will help you ensure you are more successful. Plan when you are going to get your workout done ahead of time. This will help you get it in and not stress about trying to figure it out. Plus, you can let others know your plans and they can help you out. Sometimes enlisting others in your workout can make it more enjoyable!

    Have Fun

    If you’re traveling or on vacation don’t forget to have fun! Your workouts can be fun too! Switch things up a bit and make them more fun than usual. Don’t be such a stickler to your training that you forget to enjoy the time!

    Travel, vacation, or just in a different place doesn’t mean you have to get off your training schedule. You CAN make it happen!
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