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  • 4 Tips for a Successful Race Day

    As the weather begins to cool down that means racing season for most runners is right around the corner. Your training is wrapping up and now it’s time to get to the start line and put it all out there. Racing in some ways is an art, especially if you are aiming to finish with a time goal. All the preparation comes down to one day, and sometimes that doesn’t always work out. Here are a few tips to help you have a successful race day.

    Don’t Start too Fast

    One of the biggest mistakes many runners make is starting out too fast. This is especially important in longer distance races (half marathons, marathons) because you have so much more time that you are on your feet. It’s okay if your first mile or two is a few seconds off your goal pace, it’s better to start out conservative then fly out and die near the end. You will lose a lot more time from crashing in the end then conserving briefly in the beginning.

    Fuel Properly

    I can’t even begin to say how important fuel is for racing. You may be able to get away with some electrolytes for 5k or 10k length, but for longer races it is going to require you fuel adequately. Your body needs fuel to perform at its best. Make sure to test your fueling routine prior to race day to avoid any stomach issues.


    Too often runners put too much pressure on themselves to perform. In the end, it all comes day to one day and sometimes it doesn’t always work out. If you can’t go out there and enjoy it, even when you are working hard, then you are doing something wrong. It’s just one race and the less pressure you put on yourself the better you will probably feel in the end.

    Run YOUR Race

    Having a race plan is always a good idea. Know your paces, know your specific targets, and forget about what everyone else does. Chances are there is going to be someone faster than you, someone slower than you, and someone who is right on the same level. Regardless of what people are doing around you stick to your plan. Everyone races differently and knowing your body and a race plan specifically geared towards you.

    Running can be FUN believe it or not and I think that always needs to be the beginning of why you race. We all want to hit a new PR, get faster, and go further but that sometimes doesn’t always happen and it’s good to realize that just in case. Go in with a plan, run you race, and don’t make simple mistakes and you might just find your hard work pays off!
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