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  • Tips for Exercising During Pregnancy

    It’s time to dive back into another women focused topic (sorry guys). We’ve talked a little bit about pregnancy before, but today I wanted to focus on exercise and pregnancy. Years ago it would have been looked down upon. Women who get pregnant are supposed to kick their feet up and relax. Right? Well, today exercise is looked at in a much more positive manner though of course there are some restrictions and things you should be careful about.

    First, always consult with your doctor before beginning or continuing exercise. It is good to make sure you are on the same page and that everything about your pregnancy is okay for exercise. Some women have more complicated pregnancies and this may cause you to need to take a different approach to exercise.

    Don’t Start Anything New

    Your body is a pretty amazing thing, but pregnancy is not the time to start a brand new workout routine. Stick with what you were doing pre-pregnancy. Your goal now is not to get in the best shape of your life, but instead to keep your body strong and healthy to welcome your new addition into this world.

    Keep Your Workout at a Conversational Pace

    If you are a runner or really for any form of cardio, make sure you aren’t over exerting yourself. Keep your body at a conversation pace as best you can. It probably is going to feel harder and you will need to adjust based on what cues your body is giving you.

    Watch Your Body Temperature

    One of the main dangers during pregnancy is your body temperature getting too high. Make sure you are monitoring your body temperate and staying as cool as possible. Go inside when it’s an option and make sure you are willing to stop and take breaks if needed.


    Hydration is always important, but it especially important when pregnant. It’s a good idea to keep water with you at all times. Make sure you are drinking before, during, and after your workout so that your baby and you are staying adequately hydrated.

    Cut Yourself a Break

    Exercise is important during pregnancy BUT you have to realize that your body is not yours completely anymore. Sometimes you are going to have to slow down, take a break, or even rest an extra day. That’s okay. Make sure you are listening to your body’s queues and clues and do what you can. This is not the time to push your body past its limit. Sometimes your body will also take longer to recover, so if you need an extra rest day – go for it!

    Pregnancy doesn’t mean you have to lie on the couch all day. You can still get in some great workouts, stay healthy, and keep your body strong and healthy for your new bundle of joy.
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