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  • Simple Tips for Post-Marathon Recovery

    You did it – you ran your marathon! The hard part is over and it’s time to celebrate! Racing season is here and most likely if you haven’t raced yet, you have yours coming up. The months of training are all coming to a close and you get to finally see the reward! The race is the fun part but what happens afterwards? Your ability to continue to improve and go after goals beyond your current race can depend a lot on how you recover. Here are some simple tips to help you recover post-race.


    For the majority of runners the best thing you can do is rest. Don’t get back out there the very next day to pound the miles. This is the time where you want to rest your body and let it recover. Coming back too soon can lead to burn out or even worse injury. It’s okay to take a week or even two off! Many elite runners practice this method themselves.

    Don’t Sit All Day

    Even though rest IS important, it’s also important that you don’t sit all day right after your marathon. Though it may not feel comfortable one of the best things you can do post-marathon is walking. This allows the blood to flow through your legs and helps to get the lactic acid build up out. Go as slow as you have to, go walk around the mall, or in your neighborhood just try not to spend the whole night on the couch.

    Enjoy Yourself

    Many people put a lot of pressure on themselves for a race. Whether it is their diet or high miles they have put in the time. Afterwards is a time to relax! Give yourself a little freedom and reward yourself for the hard work. You’ve accomplished something that not everyone can, so go out and have fun!

    Fuel and Hydrate

    Even after your marathon is over eating and hydration is still important. Your body needs protein and carbohydrates to help it recover. While you don’t have to get in anything in particular, make sure you are continuing to fuel your body and drinking lots of water to aid in recover.

    Foam Roll

    Foam rolling is another uncomfortable task, but it can do wonders for your post-marathon recovery! Focus on the tight areas and trouble spots where you are feeling the most pain. Hold the foam roller on those areas for 10-15 seconds and release. You don’t have to spend hours- just 10-15 minutes and you’ll be surprised how much better you will feel.

    Post-marathon recovery isn’t hard but it’s so important! Coming back too quickly can lead to burn out and injury, so step back and take the time to truly let your body recover.
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