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  • Why Cycling is a Great Tool for Runners

    Cycling and spinning often get a bad name in the running world. It is usually associated with injury or times when you aren’t able to run for one reason or another. However; cycling is actually one of the best forms of cross training you can do as a runner. Don’t just take my word for it, let’s look at some of the advantages that cycling can add to your fitness routine.

    Improve Your Cadence

    Your cadence is your ability to turn over your feet when running. The quicker your cadence often the faster you run but even more importantly the less impact you are having on your body.
    There has been some correlation between pedal stroke cadence and running cadence. This means that focusing on your cadence during cycling can help to actually lead to quicker strike cadence during running. This means that you are turning over faster and lessening impact which reduces your injury risk.

    Active Recovery

    After a hard workout, long run, or even a race we are tempted to sit around and do nothing. This is usually not your best option when it comes to running. Cycling is a great non-impact way to keep your legs moving without increasing your risk of injury. This type of active recovery can help to flush the lactic acid out of your muscles, loosen your muscles, and help increase blood flow. All great things to help you recover better and faster!

    Non-Impact Cross Training

    Runners often shy away from cross training because they are in fear of getting injured. Cycling however, is one of the best non-impact forms of cross training that will actually reduce your risk of injury. You are not getting the impact that you do when you run therefor it makes it much easier on your body and helps to give your legs a rest from the impact of running.

    Work Different Muscle Groups

    If you are only running, you are only working the same muscle groups over and over again. Cycling works complementary muscle groups. It actually works some of the largest and strongest muscles in the body. This makes for an extremely beneficial and good workout for runners!

    High Calorie Burning Workout

    Cycling is a much better workout than some give it credit for. As I stated above, cycling helps to work some of the largest and strongest muscle groups in the body. By adding in intervals, getting your heart rate up, and focusing on intensity you can get in a great workout! Done correctly it can burn calories during and after your workout!

    Runners don’t hide away from cycling. Using it for cross training may not only help improve your recovery but also make you a better runner as well!
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