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  • Why You Could Be Lacking Motivation

    We all know motivation can come and go. One day (week or month) you are feeling on top of the world and the next it’s hard to pull yourself out the door. Sometimes you notice that your motivation lacks after several months of hard training. While motivation isn’t going to be there day in and day out, there are times where motivation can lack for several reasons. Over time I’ve discovered that it usually comes down to a few possible reasons.


    I’ve talked about it before, but burnout is a very real thing. There isn’t a single person who is unable to burnout at some time or another. The key is watching for signs and letting your body rest when it needs it. Your body NEEDS rest. Going hard every single day no matter what time of exercise you do is taxing on the body and even when you want to keep going your body can give out.

    Routine is Lacking Variety

    Your body gets used to doing the same things over and over again. Not only will you start to not see the same results, but you can begin to feel less and less excited about getting in your workouts. Many athletes go through different segments of training to help switch things up. Your body needs change so doing the same thing every day is a quick way to help you lose motivation. Keep it new and change things around – you will be surprised how much this can help!

    Goal Change

    Goals are great things. They help push us each and every day, but sometimes we get so stuck on one goal that we forget to mix things up. Don’t always focus on the same goal. Change your goals and challenge yourself in new ways as often as you. This is a great way to keep your motivation fresh and keep you focused and working towards something new.

    Do What You Love

    Are you forcing yourself to do something because a friend or someone on the internet loves it? Then you will always lack motivation. Unless you truly enjoy something you are going to have a hard time committing to it day in and day out. Don’t do something just because someone else enjoys it. Find what you love and it will be much easier to keep your motivation flowing.

    Every day isn’t going to be full of motivation, but if you’ve noticed your motivation has been gone for quite a while, it may be the time to check the real reason behind it.
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