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  • Tips for Beginners

    Congratulations! You have chosen to finally take control of your life (and your body) and have now signed up for a gym membership. You’ve gone to the supermarket and bought a ton of healthy food, you’re ready to go! Ready to make a change. Good on you! I’m here to make sure that you don’t fall into the trap that a lot of people fall into where they gradually lose their motivation and just fall back into their old habits. Here are a few tips to keep you going:

    It's a Lifestyle
    Remember, this. Your new habits are now a part of your new lifestyle. Working out is now a part of your life, not something that you have to do for a certain period of time. No.

    Eating healthy is a lifestyle choice, not a diet. Diets have an expiration date and never work. You are now eating healthy, every single day (except cheat days, come on we’re not perfect). You’re not just going to eat fruits and vegetables until you start seeing those abs, you’re going to continue past that, while still enjoying some of your favorite foods every now and then. Remember this and you will not be disappointed later on.

    Don’t Overdo It
    When you’re just starting out, don’t go crazy worrying about the small details. You don’t need to be counting every single calorie, timing every single set and breathing just right during the bench press. These small things will just mentally exhaust you and you will quickly lose your motivation.

    My first few months when I started lifting where great. I ate healthy meals when I was hungry, I rested between sets until I felt I could go again and I did what felt natural. I made incredible progress and was happy. It wasn’t until I started overthinking that I lost all motivation and even gave up the lifestyle for quite a long time.

    Keep Progressing
    This is one area where many new lifters fail. You need to be constantly progressing in order to continue seeing results. Your body adapts very quickly, therefore, you need be challenging it constantly. Make sure that you are always progressing in the gym, whether it's by adding more sets, reps or weight. Make sure that your numbers go up and so will your bicep’s size. Keep it up.

    Remember, fitness is a lifelong journey and you need to make sure that you enjoy it. If you start getting frustrated by it, you will quickly start to hate it.
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