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  • Paleo Diet – What You Need to Know

    A surprising number of people in the modern society suffer from awful health conditions such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease. As a result of the alarming statistics about these health conditions, modern society is highly concerned about concepts like weight loss, physical health and the Paleo diet. Of all the concepts, Paleo diet has become a widely spoken phrase in the modern society. This article is written emphasizing what you need to know about Paleo diet.

    Where Does Paleo Diet Come From?
    In simplest terms, Paleo diet is the eating plan of our ancestors who lived in Paleolithic age (commonly known as Stone Age). This particular meal plan is also known as “Hunter-Gatherer Diet”. Basically, a Paleo diet consists of food varieties that can be ‘gathered’ or ‘hunted’. Under the ‘hunted’ category you will find meat varieties and seafood; ‘gathered’ category consists of varieties of nuts, fruits and vegetables.

    In fact, Paleo diet was ‘invented’ by the early humans. By that time (during the Paleolithic era), our ancestors knew nothing about animal husbandry or agriculture; they hunted down or gathered their diet. The Paleo diet we are talking about today is pretty much similar to what our ancestors had. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to hunt for animals or going here and there to gather food. The intention of having Paleo diet is to stay away from processed modern day food and switching back to a more natural dietary habit.

    Why is Paleo Diet Suitable for Us?
    Nutritionists across the globe highly recommend Paleo diet to those who want to lose weight and stay healthy. But, why this specific dietary plan is so healthy? The answer is simple, those are on Paleo diet eat what is natural, highly nutritional and fresh food items. This particular diet doesn’t consist of dairy, salt, sugar or grains which are relatively ‘new’ to humans compared to Paleo. As long as you stay away from sugar and salt, you reduce the risks of getting diabetes, high blood pressure and weight gain.

    In general, Paleo diet consists of high protein levels and therefore it is recommended for active athletes. The basic ingredients of diet such as chicken, lean meats, fish, nuts, fresh fruits and vegetables are highly instrumental in providing necessary energy, muscle development and fiber. It also helps weight loss initiatives significantly. Once you start to go on a Paleo diet, you will feel a significant freshness, energy and overall healthiness. This particular dietary plan allows you to stay away from additives and artificial preservatives which are harmful to your health.

    Paleo Diet Helps to Lose Weight.

    Of all the benefits associated with Paleo diet, weight loss is a highly beneficial fact to consider. Generally, the protein-enriched substances in this specific diet alone can promote the weight loss by a significant amount. Apart from that, they have low carbohydrate levels and caloric counts. Moreover, it is high in fiber. All these aspects together form a great diet that helps you to lose weight.

    How to Make the Best Use of Paleo Diet to Lose Weight?
    When a Paleo diet is coupled with an excellent weight loss supplement from a reliable source like, the results can be significant.
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    1. Besson's Avatar
      Besson -
      I've been paleo for over a year and my performance has improved significantly. I adjusted the protocol for additional carbs when racing and training hard. Like most Paleo folks will tell you, just do it for 30 days and see how you look feel and perform. You may experience some "carb flu" symptoms, but its worth it.

      And no, you don't have to eat bacon at every meal, although it is really appealing!
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