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  • Lean Bulking - The Smart Way to Bulk

    Let’s face it, the traditional way of bulking just doesn’t work for the most of us. Unless we have incredibly gifted genetics, are super chemically enhanced or are perfect human beings with 100% mind control ability, we just can’t get away with lean bulking because often what happens is that we get fat. Not just a little fat, but so fat that we need to now spend a couple extra months trying to get rid of that fat but what really happens is that we also end up losing a lot of that hard-earned muscle that we bulked so hard for. And the cycle begins, endless bulking and cutting just to come back to square one.

    Well, there’s an easier way. A smarter way. The lean bulking way. What is lean bulking? Well, that’s easy my friend. Lean bulking means that you don’t go overboard with the calories and eat a whole bunch of cookies and cakes as an excuse to get big.
    Yes, you eat more than maintenance calories but only by a little bit, 500-1,000 calories extra. No more than that. You also make sure that all the calories you consume come from eating healthy foods. High-quality sources of proteins, carbs and good fats (oh and don’t forget the fiber, you’re going to need it with all those extra calories).

    Follow these tips to lean bulk your way to greatness!

    Eat more than maintenance calories
    Like I said earlier, you’re going to be eating more food than you need to maintain your current weight. To build muscle, you need more fuel. You will be eating more calories per day. How much? Well, not as much as the magazines have you believe. Start by adding an extra 250 calories per day and if in two weeks you don’t notice any change, add another 250, so on and so forth until the numbers start to increase.

    Eat less on non-training days
    This one only applies if you have a really sensitive metabolism. If you find that you put on the weight way too easily, cut down the calories on non-training days as you don’t really need them. Eat at maintenance or just over (not more than 200) on these days and you won’t put on any unwanted fat, just enough to make sure that you recover.

    Don’t skip the cardio

    A lot of people think that doing cardio will burn all of your muscles and not let you add any new ones. This is just not true. You need to do some kind of cardio every single day to ensure that your heart and body stay healthy. It's not just about burning calories. To ensure a proper lean bulk, do some cardio every day or every other day. This will burn off all the unwanted excess while helping you stay fit and healthy.
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