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  • What Exactly is Aesthetic Bodybuilding? - Part 2

    A general, broad definition of bodybuilding is training and exercise (usually weight training and progressive resistance) to enlarge the muscles of the body. This is accomplished over time through a process known as hypertrophy, the growth and increase of the size of muscle cells.

    The goal of a professional or competitive bodybuilder is to maximize muscle and minimize fat. There are other factors they must consider like symmetry and proportions, but ultimately bigger is better.

    Aesthetic Bodybuilding
    Within the larger realm of “bodybuilding” are those (both male and female) who train solely to improve the aesthetic aspects of their bodies - to make their bodies more beautiful, desirable and pleasing to the eye. Their goals go beyond size and body fat percentage, to them, bigger is NOT always better.

    The aesthetic bodybuilder is concerned with building a muscular body with proper size, shape, proportion, conditioning, symmetry, and balance. While this approach to bodybuilding requires hard work and commitment in the gym, much of the final outcome requires dedication in the kitchen and dinner table as well. Success depends as much on proper nutrition and supplementation as it does barbells and dumbbells.

    Aesthetic bodybuilders have that certain “look.” They have developed strong, powerful bodies that looked incredible from any angle with a relatively small waist, well defined and outlined V-taper, and large quads that taper to what then appear to be small knees above well defined calf muscles.

    What they DON’T have is a massive chest atop skinny little legs, or a thick chest with little arms or big biceps with no triceps. In other words, they are “balanced”, symmetrical and proportionate. This is accomplished through balanced training, the results you desire require hard work and training ALL muscle groups, and if one part of your body responds more quickly than others, focus on your hardgainer muscle groups to maintain that pleasing symmetry.

    Train for definition.
    You won’t need to (or want to) diet down or shred to the body fat level of the pros, but you do need to include cardio and healthy meals to reduce body fat to the point your abs and muscles appear well defined. You can also burn additional fat and calories by reducing or eliminating rest periods and incorporating intervals like HIIT training, Tabata and burst training.

    Most bang for the buck.

    Focus on big muscles and big muscle groups, chest, shoulders, V-taper and legs. Wide shoulders with a small waist should be a priority. And don’t neglect your core, don’t spend endless hours training abs, train your entire core in all directions and your abdominals will benefit as well.
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