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  • Top 5 Healthiest Cuisines

    Going out to eat can be a nightmare for some of us. We all have a strict diet to stick to and just want to avoid all kinds of fatty fried foods, but we can’t just take home cooked meals everywhere with us. You don't want your date judging you now do you?

    Well, let me ease your mind. If you just plan out a few things, you can make eating out actually quite healthy. Choose the following cuisines and you’ll be sure to get the most bang for your buck, without being that weird Tupperware guy.

    Authentic Mexican cuisine can actually be quite healthy and no I’m not talking about Taco Bell. Real Mexican cuisine consists of grilled meats, a whole lot of vegetables along with some beans and rice. Mexican cuisine is high in flavor, fiber and relatively low in bad fats.

    Middle Eastern
    One of my favorites! Middle Eastern food contains a lot of BBQ meats, grilled vegetables, healthy salads (without any calorie dense dressings) and lots of that glorious condiment, hummus. Middle Eastern diets can be high in fat but they are mostly healthy fats from beef and olive oil.

    The Japanese probably have the healthiest population out there. This is because their diet consists of very natural foods and very few oily, empty snacks. Japanese diets are high in seafood, fresh vegetables (from both land and sea) with little carbohydrates and fat. The Japanese consume a lot of raw food which has led to some of the lowest rates of obesity and chronic diseases.

    The Greeks like to eat big, but also very healthy. The Greeks consume a lot of healthy fats such as olives, olive oils, cheeses and nuts and meat is kept to a minimum. Whatever meat that is consumed is almost always grilled. The Greek diet is also very high in fresh vegetables which have led to the creation of some of the healthiest and most delicious salads out there!

    Korean food is gaining a lot of popularity these days because they are plentiful, low in calories and very delicious. The Korean diet is rich in herbs and spices such as ginger, garlic and chilies that help to boost metabolism and also contains a healthy amount of vegetables and grilled meats. A lot of their carbohydrates are steamed which further helps to lower calories.
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