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  • How To Have a Great Workout

    Nothing beats a good workout. You know the one, where you enter the gym ready to rip things apart, destroy the workout and leave drenched in sweat with an enormous pump. If you find that you’ve been missing the feeling of a great workout, try out these few tips to have your best work out!

    Stay hydrated

    Water is important. If you’re not hydrated enough, you will feel weak, lazy and just crappy. You also will not have the majority of your strength and will also severely limit your pump potential. Drink enough water throughout the day. Make sure not to just load up on water before a workout as that will just leave you feeling bloated and sluggish. Ensure hydration at all times.

    Eat 2 hours before
    Eat a high carbohydrate meal around 2 hours to 1.5 hours before your workout. Make sure that this meal isn’t high in fat or fiber as this will slow down your digestive system making you feel weak and sluggish. Your body will be too busy digesting this food when it should be focused on pumping your muscles!
    I find that a cup of rice with some grilled chicken works great. You can also go for some granola bars just make sure they are full of high-quality ingredients. Try to limit your fiber intake to a maximum of 3-5 grams for this meal.

    Have a pre-workout
    Just as its name suggests, a pre-workout formula is a supplement that you have before your workout. It usually contains a number of ingredients such as caffeine, creatine, beta-alanine, etc that help to give you more energy, focus and blood flow for your workout. My favorite pre-workout is Pump Juice Extreme. It has all the ingredients that you need in just one scoop. None of that 2-3 scoops nonsense!

    Make a playlist
    The right kind of tunes can definitely put you in the mood for crushing a workout. Everyone has their own tastes so build up a playlist, play it and get to lifting! Do not waste your time skipping between songs and checking up Facebook on your phone. Play the music and leave your phone. Crush that workout!

    Try something new
    The best way to leave the gym with the biggest smile? Accomplish something you never could. This could be setting a PR, trying out a new exercise or just finishing your workout in record time. The endorphins that you get from just these will have you coming back for more! If you’ve been neglecting pull-ups, try them out now!
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