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  • Tips to Sleep Better

    Sleep is one of the most important factors in a good fitness routine. Sleep is where our body recovers from the stresses of daily life, it's when your muscles recover and grow and it's when the precious growth hormone is released. The human body needs sleep and there is just no way around it. You cannot cheat the system.

    I truly didn’t realize how important sleep was until I recently took some time off work. I was finally getting 8-10 hours a night and the results in my body were incredible. I didn’t change my training or diet but I was losing weight, I was less bloated and just so energized and positive every single day. A good night’s sleep is something really precious and if someone could find a way to supplement it, they’d be rich!

    End the Day Earlier
    I know it's difficult in these modern times but please, let go of any technology at least an hour before you plan on sleeping and you will notice a much better and deeper sleep. Leave your phone, turn off the TV, you can play some soothing music if you like but that’s about it. If you need to wake up at 6 am, stop all technology at 9 pm, and hit the bed by 10. After 9 pm, read a book, talk to your family, play with your pets, just start unwinding.

    Sleep in Pitch Black
    Studies have shown that the quality of sleep was greatly improved when participants slept in pitch dark as opposed to some with light. Your body has evolved to wake up and fall asleep with the movements of the sun. If you cannot sleep in the dark and absolutely need some light, try getting a salt lamp. It provides a more natural ambient lighting that helps to soothe you and provide you a good night’s sleep.

    Limit Fiber at Dinner
    Try to eat the majority of your daily fiber in all your other meals. I find that if I eat quick digesting food such as jasmine rice, potatoes and a light protein, I sleep much better. This is because your body isn’t busy digesting food when it should be busy sleeping and recovering.

    Supplement If You Must
    If you really have trouble getting good quality sleep, if you find yourself waking up every few hours, try supplementing with Melatonin. 2-4grams with dinner should be enough to give you a good night’s rest. I would take a week off after 2 weeks of supplementing just to avoid building up a tolerance.

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