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  • The Benefits of Sourdough Bread

    If you live in the San Francisco area, this won’t be news to you but for the rest of you, this article might just be an eye-opener.

    What is Sourdough?
    Sourdough bread is a bread that is fermented from natural wild airborne yeast rather than the traditional quick acting dry yeast. It is made by mixing flour and water and letting rest for a few days until it starts to show yeast like activity (bubbles, dough rising, etc). This starter can then be added to bread recipes instead of yeast to make a bread that is completely natural and much more digestible. This was the way our ancestors made bread and could also be the reason why most of them tolerated wheat much more than us.

    Benefits of Sourdough
    Easier digestion - As I mentioned previously, sourdough bread is much much easier to digest than normal commercial bread. One of the main reasons for this is that the sourdough yeast takes a longer time to ferment the dough than commercial yeast, this long slow process allows the wild yeast in the bread to break down and predigest the starches in the wheat. It is less taxing on the digestive system and is well tolerated (especially by people who are gluten intolerant, NOT those with Celiac disease, however,).

    Stable blood sugar response - what happens when you consume commercial store-bought bread? Your blood sugar levels spike. This is because there is starch present in wheat which is a type of sugar. When you allow the long slow fermentation of wheat, the starches begin to break down and ferment, therefore, the blood sugar response from sourdough bread is much more stable than compared to commercial bread and yes, even whole wheat bread has a relatively high sugar response, its the same grain after all.

    It is healthier than normal bread - The fermentation process is known to produce beneficial antioxidants and also helps to break down phytic acid, which is commonly found in wheat. This acid holds on to the important minerals and vitamins found in whole wheat and just lets them pass straight through your digestive system and out the other end. The long fermentation helps to release these minerals and vitamins allowing for better absorption.

    It just tastes better - If you’ve ever had it, then you know what I mean. Sourdough bread, as the name suggests, has a mild tangy sour taste which really adds depth and character to an otherwise ordinary piece of bread. This is a result of the wild bacteria that ferment the dough. The longer you let the dough ferment, the sourer the taste.

    If you’re interested in baking, I would highly suggest giving baking sourdough bread a try. You are basically creating life out of just air, flour and water, mine’s been running for about 3 years now!

    Protip: you can also make pizza crust with it!

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