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  • How to Get Ready for a Photo Shoot

    …or any other event where you need to look your absolute freakin’ best!

    Now obviously, this article assumes that you already have a pretty low body fat percentage with decent muscle definition.

    Water can have a tremendous impact on the way you look (and weigh). Your body is mostly water and water, although great, can make us look weak and soft. Therefore, we need to get rid of most of it (for the duration of the photoshoot).
    10 days before the photoshoot, you need to drink a lot of extra water. 2 liters extra per day until you are 2 days out from the photoshoot. Then, cut it by half, so if you were drinking 8 liters of water per day, on this day you will only have 4 liters. The day before the event, cut it in half again, so in that example, you’re now drinking 2 liters. On the day of the event have no more than 1 liter.

    What this crazy process does is train your body to start flushing out excess water and by the time you reach your photo shoot, your body will get rid of all that extra water stored beneath your skin and in your muscles. This will help to give you the dry shredded look you most often see on cover models.

    Diet manipulation
    This is where it gets really tough. You’re going to really have to manipulate your carbs and sodium intake.

    For carbs, you will gradually reduce them 10 days out. Consume no more than 0.5grams of carbs per body weight (in pounds) until you are 6 days out. On the 5th and 4th day before the photo shoot, you will completely get rid of all carbs except for low calories fresh vegetables. Absolutely zero grains and starches. Then when you are 3 days out up until the event, you will go heavy on the carbs. 2.5grams per pound of bodyweight to be exact. This will force your body to suck up all those carbs in the form of glycogen into your muscles giving you the swollen pumped up look like your muscles are about to explode out from under your skin.

    On the 3rd day before your shoot, you will also want to eliminate any and all salt (sodium) forms your diet. You should consume 0mg of sodium (difficult I know) but you should be reading labels of everything you eat and preparing everything yourself. No condiments either. Salt can really bloat you up and make you look soft and that is the last thing that you need.

    Quit working out
    This might sound crazy but, the day that you start loading in extra carbs is the day you stop working out. Why? This is because you need those carbs to go straight up into your muscles without depleting them again. If you workout, all that glycogen will go away and you will look flat.

    That’s it. Follow these steps starting from 10 days before your big event and you should look ripped and shredded. Do note that this is a very extreme program and should not be followed long term. After the 10 days are over, have a cheat day. You deserved it. Enjoy relax and then get back to your normal daily routine.
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      Great article
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      30$ dollar Verizon phone aaaah!
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