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  • 3 Habits That Are Killing Your Gains

    The quest for the perfect physique will always have its ups and downs and, unfortunately, many common habits could be sabotaging your gains. Achieving the next level on your fitness journey will often require sacrifices of both dietary choices and a commitment to bettering your training routines. If you don't see the progress you hope for anymore, you may be unknowingly killing your gains with one of these 3 habits.

    Weekend Splurging
    Do you often go out with your friends on the weekend and neglect to stick to your diet? While you may have a good time in the short term, the junk food and alcoholic beverages that you overconsume during the weekends could be sabotaging your entire progress for the week. Remember, maintaining weight or losing weight is a calorie game. While I'm not saying you have to completely limit yourself, be aware of what you are consuming and the impact it will have on your goals.

    Too Much Cardio
    Doing too much cardio can put you into a caloric deficit that is great if you attempting to lose weight. However, it is impossible to conserve muscle mass while losing weight because you are placing the body in a catabolic state, though supplementation with BCAAs can help. Try to maintain a healthy balance between cardio and weight training that doesn't provide too much of a caloric deficit to preserve your gains.

    Limited Recovery
    While muscle is ultimately built through a repair process following exertion, there comes a point when you may be overdoing it in the gym. If you aren't allowing your body to have the proper recovery time, you could just be compounding the problem and setting yourself up for injury. If your body is still store when it's a training day, opt for focusing on a different part of your body or enjoy a needed rest day.

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      Killing your hard work is never good.
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