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  • Are You Taking L-Glutamine?

    One of the most common amino acids found in your muscles, Glutamine makes up over 61% of your skeletal muscle. If your training regimen is intense, you likely are depleting the Glutamine levels in your body, which can take up to 6 days to return to normal. From muscle preservation to better protein metabolism, here are some of the reasons you should be adding L-Glutamine to your existing supplement stacks.

    Increased Protein Synthesis
    When you are cutting for a competition or an improve physique, the body will not only shed fat but also muscle. This primarily happens because your body enters into a catabolic state due to decreased protein synthesis. While you could get your Glutamine through BCAA supplementation, you still may not be getting enough. For this reason, taking a dedicated L-Glutamine supplement is critical for maintaining the levels in your body and preserving muscle while dieting.

    Improved Immune Function
    Bodybuilders are typically more at risk for illness because they are constantly pushing their body and recovering. Glutamine is considered one of the primary sources of energy for your immune system and, as previously stated, heavy workouts can deplete your existing levels. By supplementing with L-Glutamine you can be sure that your immune system has the support needed to ensure you are less likely to get sick during heavy training periods.

    Increased Digestive Function
    Some studies have shown that Glutamine supplementation may provide support for a wide range of conditions associated with the digestive system. Many people will utilize this amino acid for support with stomach ulcers, Chron's disease and much more with relatively impressive success. Because bodybuilders have such an intense diet, Glutamine, when paired with a probiotic, may provide superior support.

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      Good to see actual information is coming out about this supp. To many people need to know what supps really do.
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