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  • Do You Know Your Max Heart Rate?

    Have you ever pushed your workout so hard that your heart started racing and you felt dangerously close to passing out? If you find yourself in this situation often, you likely are overexerting yourself and trying to maintain a fitness program your body can't keep up with. Even worse, you could be pushing your heart a little harder than you should.

    Knowing your max heart rate is important because with it you can easily determine what your target heart rate should be for optimal fat burning during exercise. Your max heart rate should be the upper limit of how much your cardiovascular system should take and rarely should you try to meet it. However, many athletes or occasional gym members don’t know how to calculate this number properly.

    The easiest way to calculate your max heart rate is by subtracting your current age by 220 and determining the resulting sum. For instance, a healthy 28-year-old would have a max heart rate of 192 bpm. This means that the maximum your heart rate should reach throughout your exercise routine, anything higher is potentially dangerous and should be avoided.

    Required Formula: 220 - Age = Max Heart Rate

    Now that you have determined your max heart rate, you will be able to establish your target heart rate during exercise and adjust your intensity to meet it. According to the American Heart Association, moderate exercise intensity should equate to 50% to 70% of your max heart rate, while high intensity will be around 70% to 85%. Using the same example from earlier, this would mean a healthy 28-year-old would be around 134 bpm max during moderate exercise and 163 bpm max during intense training.

    Moderate Formula: Max Heart Rate x 0.7 = Target Heart Rate
    High Intensity Formula: Max Heart Rate x 0.85 = Target Heart Rate

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