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  • 3 Common Fat Loss Myths

    If you are looking to shed some weight, the internet will likely provide you with a lot of unfounded advice about how to do it. To make matters worse, most of the time these strategies are based on myths about weight loss and don't provide real results. Don't just take the advice of a faceless website or influencer. Here are 3 common fat loss myths and the truth behind them.

    Fat Loss Is Consistent
    If you are dieting and actively watching your calories, you likely expect the scale to reflect your results in a linear way. Unfortunately, this doesn't always happen and the amount of fat you have will tend to fluctuate up and down. However, It is important to realize that as long as you stick to your plan, the diet will pay off in the end.

    All Calories Are The Same
    While you likely have heard that a calorie is a calorie, there is more to it than that depending on the source of the calorie. For instance, calories derived from protein are not the same as those derived from carbohydrates because the body and metabolic pathways have to process them differently. This is why eating high protein foods can help you feel fuller longer and help reduce your appetite.

    Supplements Enhance Fat Loss
    While many supplements claim that they can help you lose weight quickly, the average supplement will only provide a drop of a few pounds of fat over the course of several months. It is not uncommon for supplements to overemphasize their effects for marketing purposes and consumers will undoubtedly be misled. While supplements can have a positive impact, your diet and activity levels are typically more important.

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