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  • Is Cardio Really That Important?

    Most people just see cardio as a weight loss tool that can be used to burn calories fast and help flush fat more quickly. However, there are many more benefits that cardio can provide that are outside of the realm of fat loss. In this article, I hope to explain to you the many benefits that can be obtained by adding cardio to your routine, even in small amounts.

    Cardio can be a simple as swimming laps or taking a walk around the neighborhood with your dog or family as long as it ultimately increases your heart rate. Unlike strength training, cardio doesn't necessarily target a certain muscle or muscle group, making it a far more simple exercise that nearly any person at any fitness level can do. As long as you are sweating and keeping your heart rate elevated, you are doing it right.

    One of the biggest benefits of adding cardio to your fitness routines is the ability to improve your stamina and build your metabolism. This ensures that even if you aren't actively pursuing weight loss, you have the ability to devote more effort toward muscle growth during weight lifting sessions. This also improves mental focus and can improve your mood while limiting stress.

    It is important to understand that cardio is much more than just a way to lose weight and any well-rounded fitness plan should include at least some small form of cardio to remain effective. This not only helps you continue to push boundaries and consistently achieve new personal records but ensures you can maintain peak performance. These reasons alone should be a motivating factor in ensuring you at least do the bare minimum in terms of cardio.

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