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  • Should You Meal Prep?

    Even if you are killing your workouts consistently, you likely aren't achieving the results you hoped if your diet isn't under control. This is especially true if you are eating fast food regularly or trying to take the "dirty bulk" approach. Most people have heard of meal prep but think they don't have the time or patience to pre-plan their meals for the week. However, there are many reasons why getting into the habit of meal prepping your food in advance is a good idea.

    Control Your Portions
    If you are likely most people, it may seem difficult to know what portion size you should be eating for optimal muscle growth or fat loss. With meal prep, you have the ability to perfectly control your portions and hit your macros precisely without taking extra time out of the day to track them. This even includes snacks that can be pre-planned to compliment your pre-planned meals.

    Financial Benefits
    Eating fast food regularly can quickly make a dent in your wallet. However, by meal prepping your own foods, you have the ability to buy foods in bulk at a discount and then create a variety of delicious meals that won't get boring. For instance, just buying a large bag of chicken and transforming it into multiple different dishes is much more affordable than getting frozen dinners or fast food for each meal.

    Flex Your Culinary Muscle
    Like spending time in the gym helps you build muscle, spending time n the kitchen will allow you to expand your culinary skills and consistently improve your meals and try new recipes. The longer you spend cooking your own meals, the more familiar you will get with certain ingredients. Eventually, you will have developed the skill needed to create your very own recipes from scratch to create amazing meals.

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