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  • L-Leucine Supports Optimal Muscle Health

    Leucine is one of the most popular amino acids among pro athletes and bodybuilders because of the many benefits it provides to aid athletic performance and increase muscle mass. While available in your common BCAA supplement, there are many benefits that can be achieved by supplementing with L-leucine. If you are ready to make the most of your workout sessions, here are some of the reasons you should incorporate BCAAs into your daily supplement regimen.

    Muscle Growth
    Amino acids play an important role in protein synthesis that is required for real muscle growth. L-leucine can help trigger muscles to function efficiently and optimally to improve your workouts and encourage real muscle growth. This is also a great way to make your favorite post-workout protein shake more effective to ensure the protein you are consuming can be utilized for maximum muscle growth.

    Muscle Recovery
    If you go heavy in the gym, there's a good chance that you have overworked your muscles more than once that led to intense pain or soreness that kept you out of the gym for a few days. When you supplement with l-leucine, you can ensure your body has the support needed to encourage muscle recovery and prepare for your next intense workout. Add BCAAs to your intraworkout supplement routine to begin seeing results.

    Muscle Preservation
    Building muscle isn't a worthwhile endeavor if you don't have the necessary environment in your body for preserving it. This becomes a particularly challenging problem when you begin to age and the muscle mass you once had begins to deteriorate. While still being studied to verify its effectiveness, many promising clinical trials are showing that l-leucine can assist your body in preserving muscle.

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