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  • Food That Can Boost Your Testosterone

    Testosterone is critical for not only muscle growth but optimal male health. As you age, natural testosterone levels will begin to decline and cause a wide variety of health problems. To combat this, it is important to focus on foods that provide high levels of both vitamin D and zinc to support healthy testosterone levels. If you are interested in keeping your testosterone levels as high as possible, try to incorporate these foods into your daily diet.

    During puberty, zinc is an essential nutrient that helps support male hormones. For adult males that are suffering from low testosterone, dealing with any zinc deficiencies is critical for maintaining testosterone levels and discouraging further loss. Because oysters have high amounts of zinc, they will often be used as a functional food that can help aid those suffering from low testosterone.

    While many hold the belief that consuming large amounts of red meat is dangerous, some cuts of beef provide high levels of the nutrients needed to support and boost testosterone. For instance, ground beef contains zinc, while beef liver contains vitamin D. By consuming lean beef cuts on occasion, you can have the best of both worlds while maintaining your health and improving your testosterone levels.

    Often referred to as "chicken of the sea", tuna contains high levels of vitamin D while remaining a great source of protein. Because tuna can be obtained affordably in canned form, you can fulfill an entire daily value of vitamin D with a single can. Even better, tuna has minimal calories to support any weight loss goals you may have due to diminishing testosterone levels. Try not to overdo it though! Increased seafood consumption may lead to increased mercury ingestion.


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