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  • Should Men Build Glutes?

    In recent years, fitness gurus have told females that big, muscular glutes are the new craze. With this becoming such a focal point in the fitness industry, many men have started to wonder if they too should be dedicating workout time to building glutes exclusively. If you are one of the men on the fence that thinks building your glutes is just for women, this article is for you!

    There's a good chance you are already training your glutes during leg day. However, you likely aren’t making a conscious effort to focus on those muscle groups and instead are focusing on your calves or thighs. Real glute training should be targeted specifically to your butt to provide the same transformation that you seek for your other muscle groups. In fact, there are many reasons why glute training is more than just for aesthetics for men.

    If you have the dreaded "pooch" on your midsection, you likely have suffered trying to build your abs or diet to compensate for the extra fat that is there. If you still believe that targeted fat loss is possible, you will be sadly mistaken when you put a lot of effort in and don't see the results you hoped for. However, by building your glutes, your body will maintain proper alignment more easily to effectively limit the amount of overhang your stomach has.

    Perhaps the most important reason for men to train glutes is to improve their athletic performance, both in the gym and out. If you are a sprinter or play a sport like soccer or football that requires a lot of running, you may be surprised to learn that defined glutes can assist you in making explosive or quick movements. For this reason, many athletes will have very defined glutes. If you are ready to take control of your workouts and get the physique you are after, effectively training your glutes is critical for success.

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