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  • Finding the Right Protein Type for Your Goals

    With the wide variety of protein types available, it can often get confusing to find the right fit for your unique goals. If you are trying to gain weight to pack on muscle or just need help to shed a couple of extra pounds, there is a protein type that is perfect for you. In this article, we will explain the different types of protein available and the purpose each serves.

    Whey Protein Isolate
    Generally touted as a lower carb protein option, whey protein isolate is created by separating the components from milk to provide a higher protein content than usually found with other protein types. Whey protein isolate is easily digested post-workout to promote an anabolic state in the body while effectively limiting carbohydrates, lactose and fat consumption.

    Protein Gainers
    Often used by hard gainers or bodybuilders that are having a hard time hitting their target caloric intake each day, protein gainers are a high-calorie protein option. To achieve lean muscle mass, increase weight or build strength, it is important to ensure you are getting the correct amount of calories daily. With protein gainers, you are able to achieve maximum gains because of the caloric surplus that is created.

    Protein Blends
    Protein blends will often contain more carbohydrates than isolates, but they are formulated to meet different goals. For instance, protein blends may be time released or contain vegan or vegetarian protein sources to meet the dietary needs of the athlete that uses them. Because protein blends can serve a variety of purposes, it is important to determine what your chosen protein blend is predominantly used to achieve and how it can help meet your goals.

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