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  • Can You Use DIM Supplements for Bodybuilding?

    If you have researched supplements that are able to help you build muscle while also losing fat recently, there's a good chance that you have stumbled on DIM. By incorporating DIM supplements into their supplement arsenal, bodybuilders can often increase the rate of the change they experience. In this article, we will explain what DIM supplements are, why you should be using them and some of the benefits you can expect to achieve.

    What is DIM?
    DIM, or Diindolylmethane, is a compound that is extracted from cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and cabbage. While typically used by women who are experiencing estrogen dominance to treat a variety of symptoms like acne, PMS or fatigue, DIM supplements may also work as a powerful estrogen modulator to help bodybuilders achieve their physique goals faster. For this reason, DIM supplements can successfully be utilized by either gender, making them a very versatile supplement.

    What are the Benefits of DIM Supplements?
    Primarily functioning as an estrogen modulator, DIM has the ability to lower the levels of bad estrogen that are present in the body while simultaneously raising the good levels. This helps eliminate the chances of unwanted weight gain that is caused by excessive levels of estrogen that may already be present. Without DIM, bad estrogen could be creating an endless cycle of fat gain that further increases the amount of estrogen you have.

    For bodybuilders that are attempting to pack on muscle, DIM supplements can help by promoting an increase in free testosterone. This occurs because good estrogen levels increase competition between sex hormone binding globulins and testosterone in the body. Since good estrogen will be bound to these sex hormone binding globulins, free testosterone will be available to increase muscle growth.

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