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  • Surviving The New Year's Gym Crowd

    If you are like most bodybuilders, you are dreading this time of year because of the large influx of people that join the gym. Whether you are tired of the crowded locker room, unracked weights or insane lines, it can be hard to get into the swing of your routine during the first couple months of the year. While you wait out the New Year's gym crowd, here are some of the ways to keep achieving your fitness goals.

    Adjust Your Schedule
    In most cases, the gym will be its busiest immediately before and directly after general business hours. For this reason, if you can get to the gym earlier or later than most people will be there, it likely won't be as crowded. Try alternating the hours you go to the gym throughout the week to find an optimal time that works with your current schedule to find a little more free space.

    Establish Dominance
    I'm not saying that you should intimidate a newcomer to the gym because you actually started there in the first place as well. However, when the equipment you need it open, don't be afraid to grab it. Chances are no one will try to take it from you unless it's another gym regular that had their eye on the same piece of equipment. Try to remain courteous if possible and adjust your circuits to effectively utilize equipment that is available at the given time.

    Wait It Out
    While the New Year's gym crowd will typically arrive in full force, their presence won't last much longer than 2 months. In fact, most people abandon their resolutions within the first couple of weeks of the New Year because they don't want to put the work or effort in. If you can wait it out for this short period, everything will likely return to normal and the gym will be full of open space again.

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