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  • Is Joint Pain Slowing You Down?

    Proper nutrition is key to building strong muscles, but what about your bones and joints? Workout junkies and athletes alike place more stress on their joints than the average Joe in the drive-thru lane.
    Whether you’re currently suffering from joint discomfort or simply want to maintain a healthy musculoskeletal system for your active lifestyle, learn how you need to prevent injury and keep doing what you love.

    Joints Need More than Fancy Workout Shoes

    Cartilage is your body’s natural shock-absorber and is often one of the last things heavy lifters nutritionally invest in. This slick, squishy substance surrounds joints, preventing bone friction and actively absorbing force caused by everyday movement. But remember, as a gym junkie, you do more than the daily stair climb and coffee pot walk.
    Body builders and fitness aficionados put more stress on joints than the average person. Heavy loads and repetitive motion takes a toll on valuable cartilage. The result is achy joints, limited performance, and an increased risk for stress fracture. The reason? Unlike other connective tissue, cartilage doesn’t have it’s own blood supply. This means that fundamental nutrients that could replenish cartilage aren’t readily accessible – making joint supplementation absolutely essential.
    There are three key ingredients no quality joint supplement should go without.

    Glucosamine, Chondrotin, & MSM

    We try our best not to overburden you with the nerdy nutrition-speak too much, but these three ingredients merit a little bit of a science lesson. See how these three ingredients play an active role in preserving joints and relieving pain:

    Glucosamine Sulfate is one of the best supplements for promoting joint health. Glucosamine is naturally part of joint fluid and helps preserve joint and connective tissue composition. Supplementing with glucosamine encourages the uptake of sulfur by cartilage, which may result in improved joint cushioning. Shellfish is the main source of supplemental glucosamine. If you’re allerging to shellfish, try a vegetarian-friendly option.

    Chondrotin is naturally part of the cartilage tissue that supports the structure of joints. Supplemental chondrotin’s selling point is that it holds water and facilitates nutrient flow in and around joints. Access to this nutrient flow is vital to joint health.

    MSM stands for methylsulfonylmethane (try saying that 5x fast). MSM is also found naturally in the body and enables the musculoskeletal system to move smoothly and easily. Such flexibility may reduce the risk of injury. Although MSM’s primary function is joint health, it also supports proper hormone levels, antioxidant use, stomach function, and promote healthier skin and hair (GQ subscribers rejoice).

    Don’t let your days of rewarding lifts and miles of running be numbered. Your extraordinary lifestyle calls for extraordinary supplementation, so stay active for years to come with a quality joint supplement. Our supplement of choice?

    Xtreme Joint, hands down.

    What steps do you take to help preserve your joints?
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    1. Andreas Munzer's Avatar
      Andreas Munzer -
      these supps are life savers I've used them in the past and it really made life alot better without the pain
    1. weezer's Avatar
      weezer -
      Man, all I've taken for years was otc.....most of supps have these products but i will buy them separately.
    1. justintid92's Avatar
      justintid92 -
      I've tried many otc as well. This one saved me knees! And shoulders . Mostly knees
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