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  • Benefits of Getting Massages in Bodybuilding

    The benefits of massage in bodybuilding can enhance your competitiveness by increasing your performance and helping you to achieve your full physical potential. Hard training and injuries can really put a damper on your training. Massage can truly aid in recovery and various other modalities that will help prevent and limit injuries so that you can compete in bodybuilding events injury-free

    Improving Range of Motion
    Massage treatments can help to support a good range of motion for many bodybuilders. Tightness of the muscles can limit the range of motion and using tight muscles can definitely cause injuries. Massage treatments can help you let go of tension and pressure by stretching the muscles and fascia around them. Scar tissue can cause inflexible tissues and increase the risk of injuries. Massage helps to restore movement by helping to break down scar tissue around the muscle that causes restrictions

    There is a Psychological Component
    Receiving massages before bodybuilding competitions can enhance your performance by increasing your mental acuity. Massage can enhance your confidence level by increasing your outlook on your own body image. Bodybuilding training can increase your stress levels that can diminish your performance at competitions. Massage can allow for relaxation and help to reduce stress levels.

    Preventing Injuries
    You can help to prevent injuries during bodybuilding by getting regular sports massages at your local massage therapist. Sports massage therapists give massages that help to treat and prevent sports-related injuries. Expert sports massage therapists can help locate and treat muscle tightness and also help to release trigger points causing muscle tightness.

    Massage can support your bodybuilding physique by enhancing circulation in the body that can improve muscle tone. A massage expert can use certain techniques that help to move fluid through the circulation at an increased rate. Many of these techniques involve increasing pressure that creates a vacuum-like effect in blood vessels to help move blood faster. This can enhance your muscle tone by facilitating damaged and really tight tissues to receive nutrients they need for proper recovery and growth.

    Good Recovery Aid
    Muscles require recovery nutrients to help heal damaged tissue. Massage can speed up recovery by increasing the muscle tissue permeability to a variety of helpful recovery substances the body gives off naturally. Deep massages can help to enhance tissue permeability by opening pores that allow fluid and nutrients to come in easier. This process allows for the removal of waste products that your body builds up during exercise that can cause soreness and fatigue. Massage is extremely good at facilitating the removal of these wastes and will help reduce that post-workout fatigue and allow you to train harder and more consistently while also reducing your injury risk

    So, make it a point to see a massage therapist every couple weeks or so to help your body stay injury free while also releasing tight muscles that have built up during your training cycle. You will be surprised by the huge benefits you will get both physically and mentally by getting a regular massage.
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    1. EER's Avatar
      EER -
      For those of us who can't afford weekly massages, our foam rollers will have to do
    1. Tyrionlannister's Avatar
      Tyrionlannister -
      I love groupon and Living Social to get cheap massages
    1. EER's Avatar
      EER -
      Quote Originally Posted by Tyrionlannister View Post
      I love groupon and Living Social to get cheap massages
      see I got to remember to use these tools...thanks for the reminder.
    1. jaygeez's Avatar
      jaygeez -
      Quote Originally Posted by EER View Post
      For those of us who can't afford weekly massages, our foam rollers will have to do
      Yep..foam rolling does wonders.
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