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  • Who needs Post Cycle Therapy? YOU DO!

    "Come on man, you can spend two hundred dollars on all that post cycle garbage, or you could spend that money on more gear. It's a no brainer. Post cycle therapy is a scam! I can't believe you actually use that stuff, your body recovers naturally on its own."

    That was my buddy John a couple weeks ago after telling me he's about to start a trenbolone acetate cycle. I asked him what he had lined up for PCT and why he wasn’t running some test with it. "I'm just looking to just drop some fat really quick," he said.

    Guys, do not buy into the misinformation around the gym. Just because someone has been doing it for years and they are fine, doesn't mean that you can do the same and have successful recoveries time and time again.

    Why do post cycle therapy?

    During an anabolic or androgenic cycle your body’s natural production of testosterone is stopped, completely. You feel great during the cycle; you are an alpha male with superhuman strength! The end result of this can be a lesser version of your normal self when you finally come off the hormones. You need to take every step possible to get yourself producing testosterone again as fast as possible so you can avoid symptoms such as:

    • Depression
    • Lack of libido
    • Sexual dysfunction
    • Strength loss
    • Reduced lean body mass
    • Increased fat tissue
    • Reduced immune function

    The human body will start producing testosterone again after you are no longer using hormones, but it is a slow road to recovery and it may never be one hundred percent recovered.

    "Hey, but isn't there some way I can help it out?"

    I'm glad you asked! There are a few things we can do to speed up the process and make sure that we keep every ounce of that rock hard muscle you just busted your butt off to earn. The perfect post cycle therapy protocol can be broken down into 6 ingredients:

    1. Serm - Torem, Clomid, Rolax, Tamox, etc...
    2. Test Boosting - Test Infusion, Forged Methyl EAA, Forged MHO Poppers, etc...
    3. Estrogen Control - Fomastanzol
    4. Proper Diet
    5. Proper Training
    6. The Extra Mile - Sarms, Liver Detoxification, Cortisol control etc...

    Serms are compounds that effect the estrogen receptor, hence the name, Selective estrogen receptor modulator. Serms where initially used to selectively inhibit or stimulate estrogen-like action in breast tissue, as a treatment for breast cancer in women. In bodybuilding, we use them to combat gyno, as well as to get our testicles to recover from the atrophy brought on by a steroid or pro-hormone cycle. Serms are vital for long cycles, cycles that use harsh compounds, and especially for cycles consisting of multiple hormonal compounds. That being said, a serm may not be necessary for a four to six week cycle of a mild prohormone like Helladrol or Epi-Strong. If you are unsure that you should use a serm for your cycle, feel free to ask in the comment field.

    Test Boosting
    Using test boosters will speed up the body’s production of testosterone, naturally! They cause no suppression, so all that additional testosterone goes directly towards recovering your bodies test levels. There are a lot of snake oil products out there that claim to do more than they really do. The great news is that Mrsupps carries products that have evidence to support their claims. Check out the logs section of the forum and you will see that the products we carry really work. I personally have used the Xtreme Post Cycle Therapy Stack with great success, and I would recommend it to anyone. It covers all the bases, including estrogen control.

    Estrogen Control
    As your testosterone levels start coming back, you need to watch out for rising estrogen levels. This can cause fat gain, bloat, gyno and even sexual dysfunction. You can use Formastanzol on cycle to control estrogen, and in PCT. While on Formastanzol use ten pumps each day spread out in the morning and evening. Once you stop the serm, taper the dose down to three pumps in the morning and three in the evening. Continue with that dose for seven to fourteen days and then you can drop it completely. Formastanzol is a great value because you get sixty servings per bottle.

    Proper Diet
    Some believe that you need to eat clean only on a cycle. I am sad to say that this is something you should be doing year round. Proper nutrition and caloric intake will make sure you keep the gains you made on your cycle.

    Proper Training
    One of the first things you lose after a cycle is strength. During post cycle therapy you should be lifting heavier than you were on cycle. You need to cause a large strain on the central nervous system so it can hang on to all the strength you gained.

    The Extra Mile
    This part is exciting because a decade ago, nobody knew about this stuff. Using a low dose of the selective androgen receptor can help not only with maintaining your strength and size, but can further increases beyond natural limitations. Ostarine MK-2866 is now commonly used in PCT for this reason by many bodybuilders. Cortisol levels surge after a cycle and can cause a lot of unwanted fat gain, which is why Mrsupps created Keto Burn. Keto burn will lower cortisol levels while increasing fat burning. One other aspect of pct that is often overlooked is liver detoxification. Studies have proven that the most effective over the counter liver support is tudca. Taking one gram per day during post cycle can bring your liver back to full power!

    Now I will lay out some sample PCT's

    The Basic
    Perfect Post Cycle Therapy Stack

    The Safe Plan
    Perfect Post Cycle Therapy Stack
    Torem - 90/60/30/30

    The Deluxe
    Perfect Post Cycle Therapy Stack
    Torem - 90/60/30/30
    Keto burn - 3 Pills Each Day spread out

    The Master Plan
    Perfect Post Cycle Therapy Stack
    Torem - 90/60/30/30
    Keto burn - 3 Pills Each Day spread out
    Forged Methyl EAA - 4 tablets upon waking
    Ostarine - 25mg each day upon waking

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    1. saadhm's Avatar
      saadhm -
      Great read.
      It is downright STUPID to do a cycle without a proper PCT. Its the most important part!
    1. OralFixation's Avatar
      OralFixation -
      I agree saadhm. Too many old guys still recommending what they were doing in the 1960. They are bound to get someone hurt. The younger you are, the more important this info is. Kids are cycling younger than 21 now, but if it's going to happen, might as well do everything they can to come back to normal.
    1. beastreality's Avatar
      beastreality -
      My first published article!
    1. jester9168's Avatar
      jester9168 -
      Nice job bud. Good read.

      Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    1. forumAdmin's Avatar
      forumAdmin -
      Great article Beast, everyone should take a minute to read it, learn from it, and spread the knowledge!
    1. lovingontherun's Avatar
      lovingontherun -
      Good info - thanks!
    1. skyflyrr's Avatar
      skyflyrr -
      I would appreciate any input to a PCT for the following cycle. I am new to cycles so any help is much appreciated.
      Weeks 1-8 50 mg GP Methan50 per day
      Weeks 1-8 25 mg GP Proviron per day
      Weeks 1-8 3 Liv-52 taken twice per day.
      I have and intend to use the Perfect Post Cycle Therapy, but wonder if I need anything else?
    1. shrivelled's Avatar
      shrivelled -
      Pct needs as much attention as the cycles themselves and everyone should be running one. Makes no sense not too...

      Running an awesome combo like: Test infusion, forged methyl, clomid, Forma stanzol, Ostarine = Boom no losses !!
    1. gymrat827's Avatar
      gymrat827 -
      Quote Originally Posted by skyflyrr View Post
      I would appreciate any input to a PCT for the following cycle. I am new to cycles so any help is much appreciated.
      Weeks 1-8 50 mg GP Methan50 per day
      Weeks 1-8 25 mg GP Proviron per day
      Weeks 1-8 3 Liv-52 taken twice per day.
      I have and intend to use the Perfect Post Cycle Therapy, but wonder if I need anything else?
      any serm of your choice.
    1. skyflyrr's Avatar
      skyflyrr -
      Thank you all for the help. I appreciate the replies.
    1. RickRock's Avatar
      RickRock -
      Nice article beastreality!
    1. benchking1988's Avatar
      benchking1988 -
      A good article more of these types need to be made. Pct is where the real hard work is done, without a strict one you will lose gains plus more and add alot more fat to the frame not to mention rebounding and hormonal breakdowns . No brainer really. No excuses
    1. chico503's Avatar
      chico503 -
      $200 on pct is not that much really to ensure proper recovery and that you keep all the hard earned gains
    1. donsatt's Avatar
      donsatt -
      Good read. I had a friend who thought if he added test c to his ph cycle he needed no pct.. He was old school guy I used to learn from. Now he learns from
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