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  • The Benefits of Slow Digesting Carbs

    For years we have constantly heard to stay away from carbs to lose weight. Carbs get a bad rap in the nutritional world, but are there actual benefits to some of the carbs? Yes there are! One of the most beneficial types of carbohydrates out there is slow digesting carbs. There are many slow digesting carbs out there today and they all have great benefits.

    Oatmeal is a very well known slow digesting carb. It is shown to not spike blood sugar levels. This of course would be for the unflavored steel cut or traditional oats, not the sugary instant oatmeal in the packets. Unflavored oatmeal takes longer for the body to digest and helps to make you feel fuller longer. This is a great food to eat if you are looking to lose weight to help cut down on the hungry feeling.

    If you love breads them you should opt for 100% whole wheat bread instead of the common cheaper white bread that you find in the grocery stores. Whole wheat bread has vitamins and minerals that are stripped away during the making of white bread. It also contains more fiber and digests slower than other types of bread. This again will help with sustaining your appetite. Make sure the bread does 100% whole wheat, because not all breads are made the same.

    Sweet potatoes are also a very common slow digesting carbs. Regular potatoes aren’t bad for you, but sweet potatoes contain more nutrients and health benefits then the traditional potatoes. Sweet potatoes are rich in fiber and other antioxidants and are sustained when baked in an oven or microwave. They also do not spike your blood sugar levels as fast as regular potatoes do. It is a slow process, which helps to sustain energy.

    Finally, lentils are another common slow digesting carbohydrate. Lentils are slowly digested by the body and are rich in fiber. This helps to slow down digestion and curb your appetite. Lentils also are a good source of protein and iron. Lentils are common in soups and even eaten plain. If you are looking to lose weight and help curb your appetite lentils are an excellent option.

    Slow digesting carbs help the body by helping it sustain energy longer and sustaining a “fuller” feeling and cubing appetite. These carbohydrates can also be helpful for runners and other athletes to help sustain energy and allow their body to have the adequate carbs they need to get through their workout.
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