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  • Six Steps to a Sexy You

    Did you know that you are capable of having that body you always wanted? Actually, it’s not even as hard as you think it is. You have tried the dieting game before and found yourself miserable, until you hit the point of quitting all together. I’m here to change all of that with six simple steps.

    Step One: Sugar

    My wonderful fiancée is famous for saying that she NEEDS sugar. This may explain why she is such a sweetheart! I am here to tell you don’t, you don’t need it. Sugar is made up of glucose and fructose, glucose is essential to energy production, we wouldn't survive without it. However, our body makes all the glucose we need to survive. When you eat protein or fat, small amounts will convert into glucose and be used in our body. When you eat a sugar, the fructose goes through your liver and is converted into unwanted body fat. Let’s take a step back from sugar. Soft drinks, candy, flavored coffee, white bread; these are all examples of what to remove from your diet all together. When you first stop consuming these you may feel bad, because you are actually addicted to the sugar. Your brain craves it, and will cause withdrawal symptoms. These are temporary, and if you can just push through them you will learn that you can live a life without the junk and be on your way to looking your best.

    Step Two: Cardio

    Nothing quite sheds the pounds like doing cardio. There are a myriad of health benefits to do cardio each week, but for our purposes we will focus on just one: FAT LOSS. To lose weight you need to take in fewer calories than you burn. One way to increase this deficit is to add cardio into your routine. If you aren't doing any, start with walking or jogging three times a week. Adding a 25-45 minute walk three days a week will get your started. After a couple weeks have passed and you have gotten used to walking advance to jogging. Eventually you will want to maximize your results by doing interval training. Begin by jogging at a moderate pace for 30 seconds, then switch to a fast run for 30 seconds. Alternate like this for a full 25 minutes. Interval training will increase your body’s fat burning for 24 hours! I recommend this schedule:

    Monday – 25 minutes Interval Training

    Tuesday – 30 minute Walk/Jog

    Wednesday – 25 minutes Interval Training

    Thursday – 30 minute Walk/Jog

    Friday – 25 minute Interval Training

    Saturday and Sunday Off

    You will OBLITERATE fat following this schedule. Don’t be surprised if you fit in those skinny jeans in just 4-6 weeks.

    Step Three – Resistance Training

    Resistance training or weight lifting is vital to having a healthy, sexy body. Cardio will make you lose weight like no other, but in absence of a resistance training program you may lose lean muscle mass and make your appearance flabby. Adding Resistance training to your program is going to give you that tone look you desire. I have seen that training three days per week with at least a day off between will be all you need as a beginner.

    Monday – Full Body

    Wednesday – Upper Body

    Friday – Lower Body

    Step Four – Moderation

    Here is the part where most programs fail. When you are too strict for too long, you increase your risk of falling off your program all together. Moderation is the key to successful weight loss and making this a way of life instead of a quick fix that turns quickly back into a fatter you than before starting the program. Eating healthy is important, but give yourself some things you enjoy. For me that’s donuts! I can’t fully explain how much I love donuts; it’s more of an obsession. I know I can have a couple donuts for breakfast on Sunday morning and it’s not going to through me off all week. You need to allow yourself 1-2 free meals per weak, where you have whatever you want. Now, I’m not giving you permission to shut down a buffet, just have you some of what you are really craving. Do not feel guilty about it, in the long run this is going to greatly affect how well you keep the weight off.

    Step Five – Lifestyle

    You are healthier, you are sexier, and you feel great! So why are you still sitting on the couch watching soap operas? Get out and have fun. Start jogging with friends for a fun way to tackle your weekly cardio. Participate in a few five K’s throughout the year. Don’t just lay out on the beach, go play volleyball! Even just simple things like parking further out in the lot from the store to add some extra walking, taking the stairs over the elevator. It all adds up!

    Step Six – Supplements

    This step is last because it is the least important. Supplementation can greatly assist your new healthy lifestyle if done correctly, but don’t give supplements the credit for all your hard work. There are two supplements that I think are absolutely vital:

    -Whey Protein – Making a protein shake when you don’t have time to eat a solid meal is a great way to get some nutrients when you otherwise would have gone without. Using whey as a meal replacement at breakfast is a great idea if you are one of those people who struggle to get out the door on time. I recommend this to all my clients. Another great use is to have one or two scoops right after your workout to help nourish and repair your muscles.

    -Multivitamin – This is so important in our modern time of processed food. Even our natural food has fewer nutrients in it than it did sixty years ago. You would struggle to get everything your body needs from diet alone. Find the one that fits you best and use it daily!

    Beyond those two you can take stimulants, fat burners, there are endless products out there. If you want to use something, research the ingredients a bit to make sure it has any scientific evidence to back up its claims. Trust me, I use more supplements than all my clients combined, but I have used things that do absolutely nothing, as well as things that really gave me an edge.

    If you follow these six steps, I promise you success. It really isn't as complicated as many will make you believe it is. Following these steps, I took 140lbs off my body in just eight months!

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    1. saadhm's Avatar
      saadhm -
      Its gonna take a lot more than 6 steps to get me sexy haha! Great article though.

      I think lifestyle is the most important step. A lot of people train hard but then sit on their ass all day and write 'extremely active' in their calorie calculators, thus overeating.
    1. Ricky's Avatar
      Ricky -
      Quote Originally Posted by saadhm View Post
      Its gonna take a lot more than 6 steps to get me sexy haha! Great article though.

      I think lifestyle is the most important step. A lot of people train hard but then sit on their ass all day and write 'extremely active' in their calorie calculators, thus overeating.
      Very true man, most of us are sedentary. I am a industrial spray painter, I'm on my feet all day, but it's not like I'm out of breath and my heart is pounding. People drastically overestimate their calorie intake.
    1. Potent's Avatar
      Potent -
      This is a very motivational read even for those who train hard but maybe don't get enough cardio. Me.. I hate straight cardio so I play a few hours of basketball everyday before lifting.. makes a huge difference in my overall energy day to day. And I don't even notice that I'm running around out of breath... fun cardio.
    1. shrivelled's Avatar
      shrivelled -
      im am already very sexy, but thanks for the article mr supps
    1. RickRock's Avatar
      RickRock -
      Great article. You can be whatever you want, it just depends on the work you are willing to put in for it.
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