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  • Pre and Post Workout Meals for Weight Training

    I think one of the biggest factors in how successful your workouts are is contingent on what you are putting in your body both before and after your workout. I hear a lot of complaints from lifters who say they get sick during their workout, feel drained, or who seem to lose intensity. I have a previous article about chewing bubble gum during your workout so please check that out, but this time I want to focus specifically on both food and drinking for weight training.

    A trick for those who complain about feeling sick like they are going to throw up is to eat starchy types of food that are easy to digest. Sweet potatoes and brown rice are the obvious choice here. Stay away from hard digesting foods like red meat or dairy.

    For those that just feel run down its crucial you get in some nutrition and get something also that will give your blood sugar a boost. My personal favorite meal of choice is 2-3 scrambled eggs and a banana 35 minutes before my workout. I have never had a negative experience when I have done this. I have also found that scrambling the eggs makes it easier to digest than boiling the egg, this is probably due to when you boil the egg the shell keeps the gas inside and it isn't able to escape. Some people feel if they poke a hole in the shell this helps but for me I will stick to scrambled eggs.

    As far as liquids you definitely want to be hydrated before you hit the gym, if you urinate and its dark colored you need to drink more (assuming you didn't take vitamins that were manipulating the color). You want your urine to be clear which would confirm you are hydrated. I would also be drinking plenty of water during your workout.

    After the workout I'm sure you have heard that you MUST get in protein right away or the end of the world will happen and your muscles will shrink away or something. We call this 'the magic window'. This myth is due to the fact that pro bodybuilders will inject insulin after their workouts (as well as other parts of the day most likely) so for them its crucial to get protein immediately to take advantage of the nutrient shuttling. For the rest of us this is yet another myth. Studies have shown you actually have hours and hours to take advantage of your workout to get your protein. There is conflicting evidence that shows guys who chug 200g of protein shakes after a workout grew any more muscle than someone who drives home and gets in a good meal.

    Having said that a solid post workout meal would consist of carbs, calories, protein, and minerals/vitamins. A perfect meal would be baked chicken/fish with brown rice and vegetables. It's as simple as that. You get it all in that one meal. Notice I did not say stop at the smoothie shop and blow $8 on a protein shake then go to Subway/Wendy's, something that I see A LOT of guys do.
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    1. benchking1988's Avatar
      benchking1988 -
      Good read , pre and post workout nutrition is the name of game you really are what you eat........
    1. Andreas Munzer's Avatar
      Andreas Munzer -
      very very good read here this is stuff people need to know about
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