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  • Benefits of L-Valine

    It’s been quite some time since I have brought you a benefits post, so I thought talking about a new amino acid was a perfect pick. Today I want to share with you the benefits of L-Valine one of the branch chain amino acids. L-Valine is an amino acid that is essential for the smooth nervous system and cognitive function. This amino acid cannot be produced within the body and must be ingested through supplementation or certain foods. The most common foods that L-Valine is found in are leafy vegetables, poultry, and milk.

    One of the main reasons that L-Valine is found in many pre-workouts and is used by body builders is that it helps to prevent muscle breakdown and supplies the muscles with extra glucose for energy production during intensive physical activity. It can help to provide your body with glucose and energy when you know you have a harder or more strenuous workout ahead.

    Another great benefit of L-Valine is that is helps to remove toxic excess of nitrogen from the liver, and helps to transport this nitrogen to other organs and areas of the body as they are in need. It has also been shown to Valine can help treat liver disease and damage that is done through alcohol or substance abuse.

    L-Valine should always be taken with the other two essential amino acids. The ideal balance of essential amino acid intake is 2 milligrams of valine and leucine and 1 milligram of isoleucine. You often can find supplements that will provide all three of these together and make it much easier for supplementation.

    One of the common supplements you will find these amino acids in are pre-workouts. These help to prevent the muscle breakdown and aid in giving you the energy needed to get through hard workouts. This has found to be helpful for not only weight lifters but also runners. It can give them a burst of energy right before a workout and can aid in sustaining energy throughout. The most benefit of L-Valine is for those who workout excessively, have a low-protein diet, or are looking to gain muscle mass overall.

    An example of a pre-workout supplement that contains L-Valine is NLA for Her Uplift. As I mentioned before this is a pre-workout but L-Valine can also be found in different post-workout supplements as well in normal pill form.
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      A good article man , very handy to know for runners as there isn't much info on supplementation to improve performance
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