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  • Benefits of L-Phenylalanine

    Continuing in my review of different amino acids found in many of our pre-workout supplements I wanted to focus this article on L-Phenylalanine. It is an amino acid that typically is taken by itself or can be found in many workout supplements. It is a known as a pre-cursor to tyrosine and is used in many basic nervous system functions. These functions can include anything from basic memory, movement, attention, desire, and even motivation.

    One of the main benefits of L-Phenylalanine for supplements is that it used to help boost thyroid activity. This plays a crucial role in weight loss and weight management. Another main reason it is included in pre-workout supplements is it is know to have a mood enhancing effect. This gets you in a better mood and ready to tackle your workout before you begin. As I mentioned earlier typically phenylalanine is used as a pre-cursor to tyrosine and many times tyrosine will be used in its place instead.

    The main purpose and use of phenylalanine is to help regulate mood and alertness. This is the main reason and use for it in many pre-workouts. It helps the body by stimulating nerve pathways, which have been found to decrease depression and chronic pain.

    Phenylalanine can be found naturally in some of your every day foods. They are most commonly found in lean proteins, poultry, and eggs. This is a part of many weight lifters and other athlete’s diets so many are already getting this naturally. There are some dairy products that contain it naturally as well such as milk, yogurt, and cheese. The most common form of supplementation is through pre-workout supplements and other various supplements to help increase your energy and focus before hand.

    There has been a deficiency seen when it comes to phenylalanine. Though it is rare the symptoms are often memory loss, inability to focus, confusion, and lack of energy. These can be symptoms for many conditions but it is important to keep this in mind when these symptoms arise. You should of course always see your doctor before making any drastic changes to your diet.

    Even though tyrosine is more commonly seen then phenylalanine, it is often found in pre-workouts by itself or along side tyrosine. It has been shown to have positive effects on mood and energy and helps in giving you the “pick me up” you need before a hard workout. As with my previous article, it can be found in the new NLA For Her Uplift.
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      PEA is great. I buy it bulk & take some before going to the gym. It puts you in a good mood, kinda like caffeine without the jitters lol

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