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  • How to Get Your Workouts in During the Holidays

    You have exactly one week until Christmas so if you haven’t started your shopping you may want to get on it. Today I wanted to continue my writing on Christmas time. One of the mistakes I see so many people making during this time is simply not doing any exercise. I understand that it may be harder to make it to the gym if you are traveling or having family in town, but that doesn’t mean just stop doing anything. Here are some of my favorite workouts around this time of year.


    Walking – This may sound simple but I find it is the easiest one to get in no matter where you are. Try making it a family affair and get everyone out there to walk together. Not only does it not take away from family time but also you will be surprised how far you can walk when you are talking and enjoying the time with your loved ones!

    HIIT – I have written an article about this in the past, but this is by far my favorite holiday workout. When I only have a small amount of time to get a workout in I love to either use a treadmill, spin bike, or elliptical and get some high intensity interval training. Switch up your intensity and intervals and you will be surprised how quickly the time can pass by! It also gets you the most bang for your buck and helps you to burn more calories in less time!

    Strength Training:

    At Home Workouts – There are so many workouts out there that you can use your own body weight to get in a great workout. You can also use HIIT and do things such as jumping jacks, tricep dips, burpees, and all sorts of body weight bearing exercises to not only get some strength training, cardio, and will get your heart rate sky rocketing. The best part is you don’t have to leave the comforts of your home!

    Travel with Weights – This is easy for some than others, but I like to bring at least one set up dumbbells even if they are light to be able to do a little weight lifting in my room if I need to. It may not be same thing you can get in a gym, but it keeps your muscles moving and it helps to get something in if that is all you have time for!

    Again, the key with the holidays is get even the smallest thing in. Don’t quite, you still have at least 30 minutes in your day to get something in and start your day off right!
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    1. brook_bentley's Avatar
      brook_bentley -
      Simple yet so effective vs nothing at all. Thanks for posting!

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    1. Mountain Monster's Avatar
      Mountain Monster -
      Good advice! I schedule my workout routines to factor in some down time this week. I will hit it hard for 6-8 weeks then take several days off then repeat. Thus is that downtime for me. Rest and recover time!
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