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  • Essential Foods for Mental Health

    I came across an article recently that really peaked my interest. The article was on mental health and how the mind and body work together. I took some time to think about it and the more I did the more I really agreed. Workouts (weight lifting, running) all them require mental health. It requires us to mentally fight even outside of the obvious physical fight. If we aren’t in a right state mentally then it makes our workouts even tougher and a lot of times it becomes a struggle to get through. I looked a little deeper to find some the essential FOODS for mental health.

    Amino Acids are vital for mental health. Amino acids are shown to help with things such as depression because they are converted into neurotransmitters, which work to combat depression. Some of the most common amino acid containing foods are eggs, dairy and meat which thankfully most of eat every single day.

    Essential fats are also a great combatant for mental health. I wrote an entire article yesterday on the important of essential fats and healthy fats in our diet. There have been numerous studies done that show those with diets that are low is essential fats have more issues battling with depression and mental health issues.

    Glucose is also very important to proper mental health. The main thought behind glucose is that your body is properly using it. If you are eating a diet that is high in sugar your blood sugar levels could be taking huge highs and lows. This can obviously mess with your mental health and energy levels. We all know what a sugar crash can feel like when we are not properly monitoring our sugar intake. Aside from a treat now and then I like to try to stick to getting my glucose and sugar from natural forms that are found in fruits and some vegetables. You are not likely to get the same sugar crash from these.

    There are a lot of parts of mental health we cannot understand. I’ve written before about how I am firm believe that exercises can help battle mental health without having to take medicine, but of course there are different levels of depressions and mental disorders. When it comes to mental health and exercise I fully believe that a healthy diet and exercises will great help your overall mental health.
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    1. IronSoul's Avatar
      IronSoul -
      Definitely agree man. I preach the mental aspect to clients and friends constantly. It's extremely important to have this are of health in align with the physical aspect. I'm sure we have all went to hit a workout not in the right mindset because of things in life and realized just how hard it was to perform the exercises or to even focus at all. This altogether is a no no, and can lead to a serious injury fast. When this happens to me, I take a break for about 15 minutes and try to gather myself and if I'm not able to, I leave and come back later or make it a rest day. Exercise has outrageous amounts of potential for preventing and improving so many diseases/illnesses/problems etc. and especially many of the mental issues that people deal with. That first 2 months of a clients training, you can really see a huge mental change. (In most cases) everyone is different of course. But I have been thanked countless times for changing people's lives mentally by helping them to make physical changes. All of us brothers and sisters in this lifestyle, live something extraordinary every day and I never take it for granted. Thanks for the post bro
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