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  • Keys for Muscle Growth

    We all love our supplements. We know when to take them, how to take them and which ones have the best results with our body. However, when you are looking to building muscle aside from making sure we are taking our favorite protein powders and supplements they are a few other important factors to keep in mind.

    Protein – Duh! I know that is what you are thinking but it is so important to make sure you are getting a lot of good lean proteins in your diet. Protein powders are great but it is also important you are getting a natural source of protein to help your muscle. It is recommended that those who really weight lift often need over 200 g of protein per day. A minimum of 15% of your total calories should come from protein so it is important to make sure you are finding the lean and best forms of protein. The obvious choices would be chicken, beef, and fish. There are some plants that contain protein but they usually lack many of the essential amino acids that help your muscles recover and growth. If you are vegetarian looks towards soy for your protein.

    Eat your Carbs – I know carbs are bad right? Well actually no they aren’t! Carbs are your body’s primary source of energy. If you aren’t getting enough carbs then your body begins using it’s protein for energy. This can eventually cause muscle degeneration and will set you back in your training instead of helping to make you strong. Again, chose options such as brown rice, sweet potatoes or other complex carbs that are slower digesting and have more health benefits for your body.

    Eat Your Pre-Workout – It is always important to take in a high carb and high protein snack before beginning your workout. The carbs will help give you energy for the workout as well as restore depleted muscle glycogen. The protein helps your body to synthesize new muscle tissue and helps repair your muscles post-workout.

    Keep Changing it Up – Don’t fall stagnate with your weight lifting and always look to improve and challenge your body in new ways. Your body will hit a plateau and that is the point where you have to challenge your body in a new and different way to help keep it stimulated and growing.

    Focus on what is good for your body and make sure you are treating it at it’s best to get optimal muscle stimulation and growth. Oh, and of course keep taking those awesome supplements!
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    1. saadhm's Avatar
      saadhm -
      Good points but I gotta say, I really don't find so much protein at all necessary, specially for muscle growth. Not me anyway. Carbs are more important IMO. 1.5 x KG of bodyweight protein is more than enough for most. Unless your workouts are seriously intense.
    1. joe42j's Avatar
      joe42j -
      In case you will possibly be constructing muscle tissue on the physique then you must have some sort of slightly higher ingestion a higher level complex carbohydrates. Proper carbohydrate ingestion can ensure your current isn't going to result from protein and that is busy constructing the lean muscle, thus preventing virtually any description regarding muscle groups.

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