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  • Mistakes that are Sabotaging your Gym Results

    We all spend a lot of time in the gym every day trying to get the results. Whether we are trying to gain muscle, get faster or whatever your goals may be there are a few common mistakes that I see many people making in the gym. These mistakes can cause a much slower results process and can sabotage your hard work.

    Copying Others – Don’t just watch others in the gym and automatically assume they have the proper form and are doing the move correctly. If you have questions or need help ask a trainer who can make sure you are using proper form. If you aren’t doing it correctly it can lead to injury and will slow down your progress.

    Starting Out Too Quickly – Whether it is with weights or running quality over quantity is key. Don’t start out by lifting the heaviest weights in the gym or running as long or as fast as you can these will only end up hurting your body in the end. Start out slow and work your way, you will see your results much quicker this way and stay strong and healthy!

    All Cardio No Weights – No matter what your workout of choice is you should always make sure to include weights in your workout. They keep you strong and can actually speed up weight loss if that is your ultimate goal. Cardio is great and should be included but you can actually get faster and better results from including both in your daily routine.

    Bad Diet – I don’t think I have to really go into this one very much but remember no amount of exercise or workout can out weigh a bad diet. What you put into your body is more important that exercise. This is important to remember. Just because you are upping your time at the gym does not mean you can go and eat whatever you want.

    You want your hard work to pay off and not go unnoticed. Keep focused and working towards your goals but don’t forget the important things to make sure you workouts and hard work aren’t going unnoticed. It is the little things that end up getting us to where we need to be so we shouldn’t forget them even if they seem really simple. Stay focused, work hard, eat well and you will get those results that you have always dreamed of! Hard work does pay off.
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    1. SonofZeus's Avatar
      SonofZeus -
      Simple article but all the points are good.
    1. Samappleseed's Avatar
      Samappleseed -
      Protein powder and bcaas should be a staple as the bare minimum in supplementation too. It's also widely believed that High gi carbs along with a protein shake pwo is essential as at this point are cortisol levels are at their highest( especially if you train in the morning ). Cortisol is a catabolic hormone and a spike in carbs wheb glucose is depleted in muscle tissue will reverse your cortisol spike
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