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  • The Importance of Sleep

    We all know that sleep is important. It isn’t rocket science that we all feel better when we get sleep versus when are have a lack of sleep, but it can affect a lot more than just your mood. Sleep is very important for your body in many ways and should be taken very seriously in your routine. There is much more to training than just the workouts themselves, doing things right before and after your training will make you a better athlete. Here are some of the benefits of sleep.


    Your body needs proper sleep to be able to recover. While you are sleep your body works to repair itself and your tired and aching muscles. Without proper sleep it doesn’t have a way to do this and it often can lead to increase pain or even injury.

    Cognitive Function

    Without proper sleep you will often find it is hard for you to remember things. By getting enough sleep it allows your body to rest and enable you to think more clearly and feel better the next morning. It helps more than just your muscle recover!

    Reduce Inflammation

    Inflammation is often one of the main reasons our body feels sore after a workout. Just like I mentioned about with recovery it has been shown that proper sleeps help to cut down on inflammation within the body. Inflammation has been linked to heart disease, diabetes, stroke and much more.


    We all deal with stress in some form or another within our days. Some more than others. Getting proper sleep helps you to not only stress less but be able to handle stress better. It is inevitable it is going to happen but if you are in a better state of mind to deal with it you will feel better and your day will go more smoothly.


    Sleep has also been shown to help you maintain a healthy weight. Studies have shown that those who rest more often weigh less than others. Sleep and metabolism are controlled by the same mechanisms in the brain.

    When we are putting our bodies through a lot of training it is important that we are making a conscious effort to get enough sleep. It will not only help your training but your overall life function as well.
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