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  • The Importance of Beta Alanine

    I’m sure everyone reading this has heard of beta alanine. If you haven’t, go check the labels of many of your pre and post workout supplement drinks and you will probably finding it listed as one of the top ingredients. But what does it really do? Bet Alanine is actually considered a non-essential amino acid but has been shown to have many benefits in the fitness world. Here is a look at some of the benefits of beta alanine and why you should add it into your supplement plan.

    Boosts Muscular Endurance

    This is one of the main advantages and benefits to Beta Alanine and why it is found in so many of our pre-workout drinks. It boosts muscular endurance by increase carnosine content and therefor helps to improve your performance during high intensity workouts. Since Beta Alanine helps to boost the production of carnosine, this in returns helps to slow down the build up of lactic acid, which allows us to work harder and for longer periods of time.

    Increased Endurance

    Going along with muscular endurance studies have also shown that Beta Alanine helps to increase over all endurance in cardiovascular activities. Studies have looked at cyclists specifically and found that those who took Beta Alanine before long workouts performance substantially better than those who did not.

    Increase Lean Muscle Mass

    We all want that lean muscular look that is so hard for some of us to obtain. It takes a lot of self-discipline and work, but Beta Alanine has been shown to aid in that process as well. When paired with high intensity workouts, Beta Alanine helped to increase lean muscle mass than just with the workouts alone. Not only will it help you increase your performance but it can also help you to increase the lean muscle we so badly want.

    Bone Strength

    The final benefit of Beta Alanine is bone strength. Through it synthesizing process of carnosine it helps so strengthen and improve bone health. This enables athletes of all kinds to stay healthy and injury free, which is obviously vital to proper training.

    As you can see Beta Alanine has been shown to have many important benefits to training and fitness. A reason why you will find it in many of your supplements you already take. If you are not currently taking this, I would highly suggest looking into adding it into your daily routine.

    Here are some of our favorite pre-workouts that contain Beta Alanine:
    Beta Alanine
    Comments 3 Comments
    1. Greigori Mour's Avatar
      Greigori Mour -
      Beta alanine is a great wrkout aid
    1. donsatt's Avatar
      donsatt -
      I love the tingle.. That how I know my pre has kicked in!
    1. jack3d14's Avatar
      jack3d14 -
      Preworkouts are really not necessary, you don't have to take them. However, the definitely do help in the energy dept and I usually wait for the beta alanine tingle to kick in before working out. I use it to pick me up and get me in the zone. I would start off with something mild if you've never taken one before. Something like bullnox is good.
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